Paper crafts are amazing! Here are some lovely paper crafts that are so easy to make! Get your paper, tissues, and scissors and let’s get creative!
You can create amazing origami designs and paper crafts for kids! Learn how to make paper flowers, fish, snowflakes and wall decorations.
Paper is also good for making decorations. Learn how to make sweet and tiny origami butterflies. You can decorate whatever you want with these butterflies – make a garland, decorate a gift box or a photo frame. You can also make awesome colored paper toys.
If you are not so good with natural flowers, try to make paper flowers and you won’t believe how gorgeous and realistic many of them look. You’re gonna love these beautiful flower decor ideas for your room! Moreover, you can make roses out of… coffee filters! Cut coffee filters to make petals, fold petals to make a shape of a rose and use food coloring to have the color you want!
DIY wall art is one of the most fun and inexpensive ways to decorate your home. Here is a list of amazing DIY wall art ideas for you to try! Be crafty and watch cool toilet paper roll trick we prepared for you! Toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile and free item to reuse at home. Create cute floral wall decoration using a toilet paper roll!
Paper Dahlia wreaths are very popular now, with good reason – they’re beautiful! It’s really easy to create them, the supplies you will need – cardboard, paper, gun. And it’s totally worth the effort you put in! You can make them for the party or just to surprise your friends!
Make an origami frog that really jumps and spend the whole evening playing frog race with your friends!
Another awesome moving toy is SpongeBob, check out this sweet and easy tutorial and tell us if you like it. Learn to make an awesome elephant. For this craft, you’ll need a straw. Blow and see the elephant moving its trunk.
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02:18 Paper butterflies
03:22 Jumping paper frogs
04:15 Cut coffee filters
07:10 Paper Dahlia
09:43 Create a SpongeBob!

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