3D Encapsulated Acrylic Nails – Step by Step Tutorial


Transparent, See-Thru Acrylic is a popular look and Suzie breaks it down in this detailed Step by Step Tutorial showing how to create 3D Encapsulated Acrylic Nails.

0:40 Suzie chooses her Dotting Tool
0:52 Applying the form
1:30 Acrylic Application
4:22 Using Pigments
5:43 Capping and Making Nail Plate
8:22 File for Shape
10:33 Gel Top Coat
12:41 Cuticle Oil
12:48 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:
Mango Magic Cuticle Oil by CALIFORNIA MANGO
FreeForms by O•P•I
Purple Alexandrite by MAGNETIC
Purely Pigment #103 and #107 by INM
Liquid Monomer by UGLY DUCKLING
Pink and Clear Powders by UGLY DUCKLING
E-File by SWAN
Supreme Finish Top Coat by MAGNETIC
Glow LED Nail Dryer by VANITY PLANET

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  1. This design is very beautiful! I think I would've called it "Captive Audience" lol! I also get a kick out of "cameraman" lol. I assume he's your husband? Maybe you could do his nails one day, like you do Grant's! Thanks so much for sharing! Take care and God bless. Hugggggs!

  2. Help me! I've just found out about encapsulated glitter nails and would love to do them myself, but I don't do acrylic or curing gels…i use normal nail polish and maybe the wet n wild gel polish that doesn't require lights/lamps. Is there a way I can do this technique with what I have and kinda have the same results? Or do I have to go to a salon?

  3. I love your videos. I am a cosmetologist and I am thinking about going to nail school because all of your videos. I love your nails!!! You have beautiful natural nails and i actually love to see them ,the acrylics, at the length you have them in this video..they are beautiful long or shorter, either way.. thanks for all your videos, my 13 yr. old daughter loves watching you too..

  4. I love the filing and idk why. I am so weird because I don't even wear acrylic nails, but I always hope somebody comes in and gets them so I can hear the nail technicians file them with the electric file. xD xD xD xD


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