Do you love drawing? Have you ever thought that drawing is only for talented people or artists? No, it’s not true!
Of course, you may start learning fundamental painting techniques to become an artist, but who has so much time for it? We are here to help you to realize your dream.
You may start drawing right now! Our video is full of easy tips for beginners that will help you spend time with fun. Our drawing techniques will impress you for sure!
I’m going to demonstrate the simplest and most creative way to draw roses, fishes, people, a dress.
The supplies you will need dishwashing soap, water, paint, and straw. Mix all the ingredients in a glass and blow bubbles. Then cover paper with bubbles to make a cute card. Have fun!
By the way, did you know that painting is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to reduce the level of stress and anxiety? The main reason to choose drawing as anti-stress technique is that it could calm you down in different ways.
Have you ever caught yourself making random doodles in the margins of a page? Most of us do it to take a break from hard work. We draw without worrying about talent or the quality of the final product, just to relax. That is the main goal of art therapy. Art therapy is also a way to encourage creativity and reduce stress. Zentangle as a type of art therapy consists of a series of repetitive strokes — straight lines, curves, and dots drawn on a small square of paper. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of Zentangle art, just feel the benefits of the therapeutic, meditative ritual of the creative process. Moreover, try Zentangle art to create beautiful birthday cards for your friends and family.
Some kinds of ornament drawing will bring you back to your school days but we have a few surprises for you!
As a bonus, you will find the simplest and most creative way to draw eyes, dress, and people.!
Start creating your own masterpiece now!

00:15 Greeting card idea
02:38 How to draw faces
04:22 Draw eyes properly
05:21 Zentangle art

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  1. You can't just MAGICALLY draw amazingly. It takes time, hard work, and dedication. People have different styles and tastes. You can't put something like that into a video, you can't teach it, it comes to you. Some just easier than others. Being able to draw takes more than just a video, more than 100,000,00 videos, drawing is how you express yourself, how you choose to spend your time, you can't squeeze all that into a 12 minute video. You have to dream, and then put that dream on paper, then throw the paper away, and try again. Art is something that only you can unlock. It can't be bought or taught, it's something you have to find for yourself. (Sorry for the rant!)

  2. 2:44 prisma color? Is that you? Sorry, I draw and stuff, and this video helps some, I draw more cartoonist and trying to draw realism, its kinda difficult for me, if anyone has any other tips on how to draw realism or any art tips, please share


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