Acrylic Nail Removal


Suzie shows how to remove a set of acrylic nails in this step by step tutorial. This video is loaded with great tips!

0:25 Removal Method 1: Soak in Acetone
1:09 Removal Method 2: Using a Drill and File
1:32 Shortening Length with Drill
2:09 Carbide Bit
3:42 Friction Causes Heat
4:02 Hand File
4:50 Thinning Nail with Drill
6:16 Why to Leave a thin layer of product on nail
7:24 Hand File
9:00 Finish with coat of Oil
9:21 Finished Real Photo’s of Removal
9:28 Why Suzie prefers to use Drill and Hand File for Removal

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  1. the other day i accidentally ripped one of my acrylic nails, and it took my nail with it. so ever since I've been trying to get my nails off, I've tried everything, i sat last night for 4 hours trying to get them off and nothing, i tried soaking them, foil, filing etc everything and nothings happening. i got the polish off but most of the acrylic is still on my nail.. help!

  2. Hi Suzie, can you use a gel polish like gelish or schellac on top of acrylic?? I'm using gelish clear powder acrylic and if someone would like a different color than what the powders come in.. That's my question can you put on clear acrylic then the schellac?

  3. For clients, I let them choose removal method. For myself, drilling off the acrylic makes my nail beds sore so I only soak. Here's a tip for faster removal: As Suzie mentioned, heating up the acetone makes it work faster. Keeping it warm is the real trick. I set my glass bowl on a heating pad for this process. The warmed acetone melts the acrylic super fast!

  4. i don't understand why you wouldn't just use acrylic nail clippers instead of using the drill to shorten the nail (before you use the drill to get off the polish/acrylic/etc)? it takes a second to clip the nail but way longer to use the drill. you could clip each nail on one entire hand in the same time it takes to shorten one nail with a drill. great vid though, don't get me wrong.

  5. question. If you leave a thin layer of acrylic, can you still use tips? Although I am practicing and will be taking a class on forms, Im not that comfortable enough to do it so I usually remove all of the acrylic and start fresh with tips. What is your opinion on this?

  6. Shes the best, too bad i didn't live in her city. In my city Providence my Asian tech tore my nails up has these bad boys all types of thin and layered peeling nail and i have to keep cutting them always scraggly its been a month and they are still short ugly and botched. They was my real nails is why they hurt so so much.

  7. Just wondering was there a purpose in filing the nails in a two way direction. In the previous video you said that it was the best to file the nails in a one way direction. Just asking cuz I really want to know. Im addicted to these nail videos.

  8. The lady I went to filed then down and buffed then used the fake glue on tips to PRY them off and literally took chunks on my nail off. I dONT want that to happen again, my nails were so flimsy, and the removal kinda hurttttt :((


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