Acrylic or Gel Prep On Natural Nail


Learn how to prepare a natural nail for polish, Gel or Acrylic Application. Suzie gives an in-depth step by step tutorial of the process.

1:03 Cleanse the nail
1:05 Prep the Cuticle
2:42 Prep with File
4:29 Remove Dust
4:33 Prep Step
4:50 Primer

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  1. Holy crap! I have to say that your entire channel has been an eye opener and I’ve been subscribe for 2 years now I think. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and I can tell you that my nails are NEVER prepped this way. I’m usually really scared because techs ALWAYS use a drill with a rough bit to prep my nails. They’re basically thinning my natural nails to oblivion so I’m always scared I’ll get burned. And they do the same thing when taking acrylics off and then tell me I can’t get new acrylics until my nails heal and grow out because it’s too damaged from the filing with the drill…why? Because they always want to start with drilling. They use the drill FOR EVERYTHING. I don’t know if I can take it anymore lol

  2. Hi! Do I need to use a PH bond before acrylic or gel? Is it enough only putting the base coat? Or I have to first put the PH bond, then the base coat, an then de gel o acrylic?

  3. I love watching your videos. Your so inspiring to me. You make me wanna learn more n more. Im a newbie to nails but you make me know I can be a pro like you. Also your so pretty too I love your hands

  4. hello! I found this video very informative, but I do have one question: Is the buffing of the nail even neccesary? I only ask because I have always heard that acrylics, gel, dip systems don't ruin nails, bad nail techs do with the poor prep or over aggressive prep. You mentioned that with the better primers out there, you could almost skip the buffing. I ask because I heard that buffing thins out the nail over time, especially if you get new sets and refills.

  5. I have followed this with my own gel nails and my gel lasts a super long time with no lifting or chipping but my problem is it's TOO stuck on my nail! It is impossible to take my gels off. Can you provide tips on the best way to remove gel nails especially when crafting an extension using gels and not tips? Acetone just won't lift it unless I file until I almost see my nail and even then it takes an hour to soak it off 🙁

  6. I decided no more fakes. 2 months ago I went in and had an overlay done on my nails. Now that they are growing I need to go back and have the overlay soaked off. The overlay is Solar, which we all know is still acrylic. I am wondering what application to protect my nails I should go with next? I have had the tech put the dip on my nails, but after 2 weeks my nails started to curl away from the product. My goal is to reach 1/2 inch nails. Please what would you suggest I go with? Thank you so much; I love your videos. I have tried doing my own nails but because I don't have an e-file they always turn out horrid.

  7. Really interesting because I did a full set and my some of my nails popped off I prepare the nail good and I even went to get the OPI bond aid and I still don't know! Any tips thanks love your videos ☺️

  8. Regarding sanitary gel application, is it ok or not to "double dip" into the gel–whether it's builder, cover, top coats, polish, what have you–from person to person? Does the same apply to gels as the acrylic dip method where you coat the nail using a separate container? Does a small amount have to be separated into a different container for each client? Why or why not? Thank you kindly for your time.

  9. Thank you for making this video. I've been doing my own acrylic nails for a little while and for some reason they ALWAYS come off in like a few days. Watching this i finally realized nail primer is super important. LOL I love your channel. Also, more Grant and camera man please. The sass is up by 23 levels with them combined lol.

  10. dear, sorry for my english, im from Brazil. please, explain me what is prep , i use always prime but i have listen about topbond and prep, but i really dont know what it is. prep and topbond is it same


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