Adrienne Houghton’s Morning Skincare Routine | All Things Adrienne


Adrienne shares her morning #skincare routine that gives her a fresh face every day!

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Adrienne Bailon Houghton shares her #HiLow hacks on going glam without breaking the bank! Tips and tricks for mixing high end and inexpensive pieces in all things beauty, fashion, home décor, and entertaining. Tune in every Tuesday at 10AM PST to watch. #allthingsadrienne


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  1. Watching this video was so calming. That's a lotta eye stuff to do in the morning. I wonder if using all of that product ever irritates her eyes. Some could get into her eyes if she rubs 'em or cries. Just wondering. I've done cold cucumbers and/or tea bags under my eyes in the morning. Also hanging my head upside down off of the bed or sofa to decrease/deflate eye puffiness. The one thing I wanna know is once A has her babies will this day + night time skincare routine continue. lol

  2. Giiirrrlllll have your cup of stars.. don't let the world take it away.. say LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Because you love to love, love <3. My baby's middle name is Adrienne because of you!
    Que viva el amorrrrr!

  3. Carmex is a petroleum product! Not so good for the bod. So many natural alternatives! Try something with bees wax and organic olive oil or coconut oil and herbal infusions. Or for gloss there are great more natural products that are not petroleum based. I am telling you so many good skin products out there that are simple, pure and far more natural than these products and work!! Especially for someone with sensitive skin.

  4. It's awesome how you turned out to be a great woman of God. .but as followers we are also told to dress modestly. I'm not trying to judge you sister so don't take this to heart. Remember as servants of the most High God we must not dress in a way that will cause men to sin with they're eyes. God blesa


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