Advice On Nail Drills and Bits


Suzie shares her knowledge and experience in choosing a Nail Drill, and the Bits she uses to create her nails.

0:27 Price point of Drills
0:48 RPM is important
2:33 Features Suzie looks for in a Drill
3:19 Hand Piece
4:41 Don’t Use a Drill from a Hardware Store on Nails
4:57 Bits
5:11 Mandrel and Arbor Band
5:36 Carbide Bit
6:25 Carbide Safety Bit
7:12 Diamond Bit
7:35 ‘French’ Bit
8:29 Football Bit

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  1. i have the $50 one and it isnt even worth the money at all, even if youre starting out in my opinion lol. The hand piece vibrates SO much that my hand is aching after one set of nails

  2. Hi I have a drill just like the pink one and I got worried about that. I looked for the RPM and it says it's 0-3000 is that good or does that mean it's less like you said, 1500? Please help!

  3. It’s funny how you spend thousands of dollars on your trade and know you just give that away. What happen in a shop stay in the shop.
    P.s . In The u.s none of that table drill is professional. Why so many bits? I use four but the last 30 yrs.

  4. Why are some nail drills 18 watts vs 35 watt electric nail file drill but both are 30,000 rpm, any idea's anyone as I don't think I will get an answer from Nail Career she is too busy to answer.

  5. Great information. I LOVE my Drill but I never use it in natural Nail. I do all I need to get done then finish off the natural Nail with hand File. I do use the fine ball bit for the cuticle area and it cuts so much time down. I love my Drill wouldn't not have one


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