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PM Routine Here

AM Skincare

Cleanse 7:51

*Belif Headband NA
*Jordan Samuel After Show Plie Cleanser
The Rag Co Microfiber Clothes
*Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
*Origins Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly
Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea
Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser
*Dermalogica PreCleanse
*Drunk Elephant Best No 9

Acid Tone 14:38

*Tarte Knockout
P50 1970
Shiseido Cotton

Essence 19:33

*SK-II Essence
Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
DHC CoQ10 Lotion

Eye Cream 25:01

*Drunk Elephant C-Tango
Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

HA 31:21

Hada Labo Moist
Hada Labo Premium

Vitamin C 37:02

Drunk Elephant C Firma
Mad Hippie Vitamin C

Hydration 41:14

Hadao Labo Moisturizing Milk
Drunk Elephant B Hydra
Hado Labo Premium
Drunk Elephant Protini

Richer Moisturizers 43:55

Dr Jart Ceramidin Liquid
Dear Klairs Rich Moist Cream
Embryolisse Cream Concentrate
Farmacy Honey Savoir

Spritz 45:23

Missha Mist

Oil 45:50

Vintner’s Daughter

SPF 47:49

Drunk Elephant Tinted Umbra

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  1. I have been holding this waiting for my PM routine. I am not satisfied with the sound, so I am reshooting that. I have had some health issues going on. So, me first. Then videos. As most know, I work a lot. Thats why I have been MIA. PM video will be up next, then my video on Derma Planing & laser hair removal.

  2. Something confused me: You say that vitamin C needs a low PH level for it to be effective, yet you put it on after essences and hyaluronic acid. In your old skincare routine, you put in on right after the P50.
    I trying to get into this stuff but I'm so confused. I have the Pixi tonic and the Tarte knockout to see which one I like more. But many advice to use vitamin c before the Pixi…..while you do it the other way around.
    I'm confused, can someone explain this to me?

  3. Cats are distracting but in the BEST way possible. I love my Sir Gatsby Robert Plant McCartney. Love your info and thank you for taking the time to make really good and informative videos.

  4. Man, Just rewatched this. I believe it would be much later- perhaps May – when you revealed you and the Keegster had broken up in March?? I remember when I first watched this thinking, "She's off- stress, sadness, something." And when you told us all you'd been through it made sense. I hope you are feeling inside as well and happy as you're coming across on YT and Instagram lately!

  5. I’m sorry if I have missed it, but you mentioned when you were washing your face that you don’t get your face wet before using the jelly cleanser. Do you use the same technique every morning no matter the cleanser or is it just with that one?

  6. thinnest consistency to thickest sounds so obvious when you actually hear it said out loud and explained but the amount of time I have spent trying to work out what order to use products in without knowing the reasoning thats such a great explanation.

  7. Im watching this like for the 5th time! lol.. I tried the sk2 essence and I honestly found it the only thing to help my severe dehydration.. I thought I was dry but come to realise that I am surface dry and congested… I couldn't wear makeup on 1 side of my face it just vanished leaving a scaly residue within 30 mins.. The sk2 has dramatically reduced it,, but certainly interested in using the dupes!!, Good to know..

  8. I love watching your videos Stephanie! Each and every one of your videos are so informative and genuine so I often seek out your recommedations. Keep up the wonderful videos……you are the best!

  9. Just discovered Stephanie Nicole today. She's smart, informative, interesting, and did I forget to say attractive? Even if you don't want to try a fraction of what she discusses, I bet you'll find at least one thing that suits you AND will enjoy being exposed to all kinds of skincare products, ideas, and philosophies.

  10. Have you ever tried Lush cleansers? I used them in the past and really loved but am just learning about skincare. Also when I lived in the Bay I started using Algenist which the neck cream I think works. What do you think of the ingredients in these brands and are they doing anything?

  11. I have been using the hadalabo combo with arbutin for ages and i LOVE IT. Tho my skin seems to get used to it quickly so i must make pauses of use. The arbutin wont make your skin lighter, but brings a lot of luminosity to pale skintoned (i am like a sheet of paper too). That brand is just amazing. Dying to try the gold one now!!

  12. Great video Steph, I don't understand the SK II thing, it is incredibly irritating to my skin ~ have you tried Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Mist (in the white bottle)? I really love it, it has ferment, humectants, licorice extract and Niacinamide (the clear/frosted bottle doesn't have licorice). It's a must-have product!

  13. I do enjoy skincare for the ritual but it gets pricey and most of it doesn't really do much for your skin and sometimes we just keep aggravating our skin and need to get back to the basics. I like alternating between following a skincare routine like yours and the next month just being basic cleanse. Moisture. Sunscreen. I watch Dr. Dray on YouTube bc she's an dermatologist and isn't sponsored and she educates consumers on how the skincare industry fluffs up claims. If you want to listen to bona fide science then follow Dr. Dray. I think you 2 are on the different ends of the spectrum but you would appreciate her scientific point of view.

  14. I was flabbergasted when you said people were complaining about your showing cleavage while wearing tank tops!! I hope you are not taking these people seriously! You wear tank tops everyday if you want!! That's just ludicrous!! Anyway, love your videos. Thank you for all the great tips!!

  15. Upvote if you want Stephanie to cut them off.

    hahahaha that made me laugh a little too much. But jokes aside, WHO CARES. Those who are hating are most likely not your subscribers. Your subscribers don't mind at all, trust me. If they did mind, they would unsubscribe ;). Keep staying true to who you are. That is the reason why the majority of us have you subbed. You are literally my favorite beauty Youtuber. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS AND FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DO YOUR RESEARCH AND PUT OUT QUALITY VIDEOS.

  16. Wonder if you have a update on Sunday Riley. I just find the blue dye the formaldehyde is a severe dinner….., I feel they are liars . I asked about their foundation on instagram…who does that.

  17. After watching this several times as well as the PM routine what I don't get is whether you can use vitamin C and retinols together? or a serum that has retinol in it? love this video 🙂

  18. Hi Steph. I adopted your routine and my skin thanks you! I have just bought some amazing serums and facial oils (from Caroline Hiron's Space NK Clean Decoded box) and would love to include them as some are GORGEOUS! Where do I add them? After moisturiser and before the SPF? I always thought they would go on before HA and moisturiser. Thanks again. Love watching your vids.

  19. The C-Firma made me react badly and I'm not sure if it was a 'purge' or a straight up allergic reaction, but C-Firma caused a load of spots to appear on the left side of my face and chin, so I definitely need a worthy Vitamin C serum.

  20. I love that you always keep it real, and make any steps easy to follow ♡ I'm currently trying to determine the best skin care regimen for myself and you have given me some really great information to keep in mind while I build it, thank you!!!


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