Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Makeup Tutorial


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The products I’ve used in the film are:

17 – Blusher Powder:
Chanel – Foundations – Perfection Lumiere:
Fusion Beauty – IllumiCover Smoothing Concealer:
Laura Mercier – Loose Shimmer Powder:
Laura Mercier – Secret Camouflage:

Bobbi Brown – Eyeshadow:
Duo – Eyelash Adhesive:
Kiss – Ever Easy False Lashes:
MAC – Chromagraphic Pencil:
Max Factor – False Lash Effect Mascara:
Maybelline – Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h:
Nars – Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base:

Laura Mercier – Belle de Jour (Discontinued, good alternative Laura Mercier Créme Lip Colour in Tangerine):
No7 – Perfect Lips Liner:
Revlon – Matte Lipstick:

MAC – Eyebrows:

Chanel – Pinceau Brosse Sourcils No.11 Brow / Lash Brush :
Chanel – Pinceau Eyeliner No.13 Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush :
MAC – Brush:
Shu Uemura – Eyelash Curlers:
Suqqu – Cheek Brush:
Suqqu – Eye Shadow Brush:

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Especially for those who requested this tutorial, this video is also a bit of fun for anyone who wants to dress up as Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a costume party or channel a little of her spirit for a night out. The fact that I’ve had so many requests for this look shows how the legend and the appeal of Audrey in this iconic film lives on and on. No-one else before or since has been as graceful, chic and downright gamine as her… she really took sophisticated glamour to a whole new level of stylishness!

Audrey never wore lip gloss always favouring a classic matte or satin lip which was very much in keeping with her classy, sophisticated image .. ditto bronzer. So to stay true to Audrey, ditch both of these items when recreating any of her looks…it’ll make it look vulgar and Audrey would never stand for that!

I’ve done this type of look on hundreds of models and celebrities throughout my career but never on myself so this was fun for me to do too …. hope you like my Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired look!
Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. This video is the best Breakfast at Tiffany's makeup tutorial I've seen yet. I'm dressing up as her for Halloween and I can't wait to use these amazing helpful tips! Thanks so much!!

  2. I'm addicted to your are amazing so very talented blows my mind so glad I finally found a expert on Y.T aside from WayneGoss you both have and do teach me so so much .thank you..your gorgeous your voice is so calming..Ima fan!!

  3. Oh thank you for mentioning bronzer can look cheap. I have a very pale skin and I never use bronzer I only use highlighter and so many women can't understand that I don't use bronzer or darker foundation. Yes first of all because I love my pale skin and I protect it as much as I can from sun and second because I think to use make up to look tanned just looks cheap especially if the skin is naturally that pale.
    No offence I don't say darker skin by nature looks cheap or ugly or whatever. Every skin tone can be beautiful. I just like it for myself as pale as possible and I don't like it if people use make up (or overdoing in the sun) for being tanned.

  4. Wow, thanks for pointing out the distinctions and styles of makeup between the “decorator” and Golightly! I’m a huge fan of that movie and I’ll be comparing next time I watch. I just watched a couple days ago and I was really paying attention to her lipstick during the end cab scene so it’s so funny you pointed it out and replicated. I’ll have to replicate it on myself too! Such a nice video!

  5. I absolutely love this look and have watched this video lots to try and learn how to do it perfectly. I’m doing my own make up at my wedding so I’m looking forward to bringing some Audrey/Lisa elegance to the day.


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