Beginners Acrylic Nails: Liquid To Powder Ratio


Suzie demonstrates one of the most important aspects of Acrylic Nail Design: the liquid to powder ratio of your acrylic bead.

0:30 Applying Forms
1:19 Brush into Liquid then Powder
1:26 Do not drag the brush
2:10 Let brush sit in powder for about 3 seconds
2:55 Race against the clock
3:22 Acrylic is dry – take off the forms

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  1. Hi Susie! I'm just learning and do my own acrylic nails. I have acrylic nails on now and need to learn how to fill them myself. I noticed that you use acrylic Mode or wraps. I have the acrylic nails glued on what they are going out. I would love to see a video of an acrylic back fill DIY. I love all of your videos in learning how to do nails. Thank you for making it so easy and simple to learn how to do-it-yourself. If ever I am in Washington I will come and see you personally!

  2. Suzie please refer to a video going over lifting…. Ive watched at least 2/3 of your videos twice. When applying gel builder (enail couture) to my natural nails, I still have some lifting. I wonder, is it because my natural nails are so thin. I prep and clean the nails properly before and still have lifting. Please help me!


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