Best Affordable Fragrances for women ($15- $26)


I provided some affiliate links below in case you’re interesred in any of these fragrances. Enjoy!

Guess Seductive

Just me by Paris Hilton

Still by JLO

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Rogue by Rihanna

Lovestruck Floral Rush



  1. Hi Shana! You made me laughed with the music when spraying Paris Hilton. I like your descriptions. I checked the perfumes in this list and it seems they don't last long and don't have great silage either. Could you make a video of long lasting perfumes under budget mentioning the silage? Thanks

  2. I love mariah carey lucious pink. 22$ for 100 ml (3.3 oz). My daily perfume. Sparkling sweet fruit and flowers. It really does smell sparkling.

  3. One of my favorite inexpensive perfumes is Gold Sugar by Aquolina. I’ve read people compare it to V&R BonBon but for some reason I think it smells similar to Dior’s Poison Girl. I’m also on a hunt to find Pink Sugar Sparks which is supposed to smell similar to V&R Flowerbomb, but I can’t find it anywhere. Love all your videos!

  4. It really did make me smile the way you reacted when you smelled still.I just got Rihanna rogue and I like it better than the expensive one it's meant to be a dupe for.On me when i put it on it changes a lot a few hours later I was smelling this most gorgeous smell that stayed for about five hours which is amazing for me as perfumes in general do not last well on me

  5. I bought that true religion perfume from fragrancenet as a blind but and it took me a year before I wore it. I love it. I usually wear it on a day I want to feel light or after a shower. I got the Rogue as a sample when it came out, and didn't love it until after I smelled the dry down.

  6. Thanks for sharing Shana, I really enjoyed this video. I said I was not going to buy anymore fragrances this year, thanks to you now I must go out and buy the "Rogue". I value your opinion when it comes to perfumes…I have very similar taste in perfumes to yours. One cheap pefume to try is, "Burberry weekend". At first its a bit strong, but once it settles, its a beautiful scent.

  7. My favorites are Britney Spears and all the other celebrities that have body mist fragrances at like Walmart and all of the Bath & Body Works body mists. I don't understand why some people think that they smell like hell though as if I smell like four dollars or something?! It's just like, keep your opinion of the way I smell to yourself sicko!


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