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Hello everyone! I really hope you enjoyed my video about BEST MOST ATTRACTIVE PERFUMES / FRAGRANCES FOR WOMAN ( Gucci, Aqua Di Parma, Thierry Mugler, Dior, D&G )

Makeup: I have a GRWM on this makeup look:

Feel like I am all over the place in this video, but oh well…

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  1. I am very confused between alien and alien essence absolue , would recommend one of them to me please? are they so much similar? FYI , i started to love alien at first i didn't like it ( love after hate you know ) but alien essence absolue is not available in my country .

  2. Hello! From my experience most sexy perfumes are: LouLou, Hot Couture EdP (I'm not a big fan but wear sometimes, men seem to looove it), Love Love Moschino & Light Blue D&G, Very Irresistible EdT, Lolita Lempicka EdP. Don't go into roses, too much gourmand or niche, especially roses 😀

  3. I shall make a list of what I love smelling on women for you guys:
    – Samsara (Guerlain – the original)
    – Chanel Chance eau tendre
    – Juliette has a Gun (pretty much all of their line!)
    – Givenchy Amarige
    – Dior Forever and Ever

    Thank you, loved this vid!

  4. I am gay and i do agree with you alien is one of the sexiest fragrance out there but it only appeals to women not on men. I will also have to include estee lauder modern muse le rouge gloss, narciso rodriguez poudree a modern powdery musky version of dior hypnotic poison, rihanna reb’l its cheap but men tends to like it, and most vavavoom of all is my burberry black its boozy peach floral and sweet but not so because of the patchouli which its not bothering unlike some fragrances that has it. Its longevity is on par with tom ford black orchid and outlasted la vie est belle and some niche fragrances

  5. I agree Hypnotic Poison is so sweet and sexy. I also think Coco Chanel to be like a boss lady sexy:) La Vie Est Belle, Angel Muse and Lolita Lempicka are a few other sexy perfumes. Love your perfume videos!

  6. Love your perfume videos! I am a huge perfume enthusiast self, and i have much the same taste in perfumes as you, so its allways a safe buy when you telling about a new favoutite!;)

    Im soooo curoius at the brand new and very limited edition of TOM FORD LOST CHERRY, have you any comments on the new perfume?

  7. hi Mila love that video. My sexiest perfumes are Alien, Tom Ford Noir pour femme this to on the first place and then: Armani Code Satin, Hypnotic poison, Ysl Manifesto Elixir and recently Black opium also☺ ❤

  8. My sexiest fragrance is (no pun intended) 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. Men literally swoon over it, so it is the best indicator it IS sexy 🙂 Must be its muskiness, sweetness and pink pepper combination which makes this irresistible. But I had men raving about Acqua di Gioia which is in my opinion extremely pretty and wereable yet not very sexy. I think men have different views on what is sexy from us, women 🙂

  9. I dont have a huge collection but in mine, Bvlgari Jasmin noir is maybe the "sexiest" at least in the start before turning to something classy rather then sexy, there is also givenchy play intense and euphoria from calvin klein that I find very alluring…although I adore gucci rush but to me it's not a really sexy perfume same thing with dior hypnotique poison …to be honest I dont really figure out yet what would be a sexy perfume, je cherche encore. That being said I'm just like you, I dont associate gourmand with "sexy" at all. Love love your perfumes videos ♥

  10. I love my Code Satin, Aura, Good Girl, Black Opuim and Mon Gerulian. Also in summer Light Blue….I feel u and I have some of the same taste in perfume!! Keep them coming!

  11. My all time favorite fragrance is Armani Prive Rose D'Arabie – costly but such a nice scent.  I am addicted to perfume and I agree with you about the Aqua Di Parma scent.    Another great video from lovely you.  XO

  12. Speaking from my experience, the perfume that turns on EVERY man is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. That fragrance definitely has some aphrodisiac ingredient inside 🙂 x


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