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  1. Jeremy, i am looking for a recente fragrance with a complex top note of raspberry. I smelled it in a halway and oh my God, fantastic. Can you help me with a couple of names that can point me in the direction of finding it. Complex not overly sweet raspberry. Thank you!!

  2. My favorite scent that you did not mention is: Alien by Thierry Mugler. So unique, sophisticated and divine! I dislike fruity scents- don’t wanna smell like a smoothie. LOL

  3. Wonderful commentary and analysis! Too much stereotyping though as to who should wear what perfume.. also be reminded, that scents are highly subjective, so one person's favorite might be another person's "meh." Choose what YOU like and go with that.

  4. Jeremy, you are the best person for describing perfumes!! You are funny at times but you got the exact words i am looking for a perfume! maybe because you are a guy thats why we girls really believe in what you were saying! you describe every perfume romantically


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