Best Spring PERFUMES for Women


Spring Fragrance Recommendations for Women
#10 0:22
#9 1:11
#8 1:41
#7 2:41
#6 3:35
#5 4:42
#4 5:37
#3 6:23
#2 7:27
#1 8:48

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Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Perfumes for Women:

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  1. It’d be cool to see you do a top five for your favorite Brands for fragrances and which of their fragrances would be your pick from their lines…. now I know for Chanel it would be “Chance”…. any other current top favorite Brands & formulas?

  2. Hey jeremy, i really like the smell of shampoo because it’s mellow but attractive. But those are really flash fragrances that don’t last. Are there perfumes that smell like that but slightly unique? Hahaha


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