BLING IT UP! – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani


Suzie shares designs that add Bling to your nails – and it takes less than 5 minutes to do! In this video Suzie adds some spectacular sparkle with Pixie Dust Gems.

0:26 Swarovski Crystal Pixie
0:51 Buff the Acrylic Nail bed
1:09 Paint on Builder Gel
1:55 Pour on Crystal Pixie
2:34 Make sure Crystal Pixie is placed how you want it
3:25 Cure with LED Lamp
3:40 Remove Sticky Layer
4:10 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products used in this video:
Crystal Pixie Cute Mood – SWAROVSKI

Pro-Formance Adhere – AKZÈNTZ

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  1. +nailcareereducation Suzie, when you sprayed alcohol to remove the sticky layer of the builder gel, what kind of alcohol have you used? Sorry I am still practising and need to know if is rubbing alcohol or a different type

  2. Can we re use the Swarovski? Since it is a sticky gel underneath, we just soak it in acetone than clean it with alcohol, it wont damage the Swarovski right.
    Or we just simply fill directly on it to take it off

  3. Hi Suzie I live in Australia and its really hard to find a great and professional 100% nail artist… I have been getting my nails done now for over 15 years… have had so many problems here and there… I find that sometimes the nail person who does my nails does not do them really well as the shellac will tend to bubble and start to peel off as I feel that the curing hasnt been done long enough for my personal nails…. What do I do? How do stipulate this to the nail lady without offending her etc? Thank you… cheers

  4. Hi Suzie!! I hope you see this! 🙂 I have been admiring your work for awhile now, you are so talented! I have yet to find someone that knows what they are doing where I live 🙁 my wedding is coming up and I would love if I could have amazing nails for the big day! This is probably a silly question, but do you know anyone in Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio that knows how to do work like you?? You are the best I have ever seen!


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