ButterCream: Super Thin Gel


Suzie creates a beautiful hand-painted Nail Art design using Light Elegance ButterCream Color Gels and the Celina Rydén Signature Series Art Brush Set.

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Products Featured in this Video:

ButterCream Debut Collection – Light Elegance

ButterCream Butter Basics Collection – Light Elegance

Celina Rydén Signature Series Art Brush Set – Light Elegance

LeChat LUMATEX Hybrid LED & UV Lamp

Suzie was not paid to promote these products, they were given to her to try for herself. Suzie is sharing her honest experience of using these products.


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  1. A little over a year late. I felt the dotting brush would've worked better for swirling ! The swirling brush was a bit longer than I would want to work with. The same goes for the stripey brush. The longer the brush, the harder it is to control the direction, and placement of your lines, etc. As usual, I loved this video ! Thank you for such entertaining videos ! ❤️

  2. I've never seen anything so creamy and smooth…Hence the name Buttercream!! They are gel geniuses!!!!! Oh gel, Oh gel , How beautiful you are!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have to get these asap!!!!!!

  3. Great stuff!! I’m just starting to look at what’s out there in nails, just out of curiosity since I quit doing nails in 2000. A lot has changed, and it’s really exciting. I love watching your videos! Thanks for sharing.


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