Can I Mix Gel Polish With Acrylic Monomer, Creating New Colors?🤔


Should we mix Gel Polish with Acrylic Monomer to create new Acrylic Colors? It’s a great look BUT is it worth it? Jim McConnell – co-founder and Head Chemist of Light Elegance shares his expert opinion on whether this is safe to do.
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  1. Jim is a really awesome guy! And he is happy to answer all of these chemistry questions. Did you know that he is also one of the the contributors to the most recent editions of the Milady Standard Nail Technology textbook that’s used in most of the nail schools in the United States? He’s all about educating people to do things safely. Thanks for getting him on here and asking this question, Susie. Great information!

  2. Have u tried with the chalk colours and mixed with the acrylic powder using clear white or both I’ve seen this on YouTube I’d love ❤️ if u could get your chemist friend to comment on this because I really struggle to buy products I have got some chalk but not tried as yet xxxxxx

  3. I'm sure you already know this but all you need is pigments to add to the acrylic powder. You can make any color you want. metallic, pearl, glitters or matte colors. and the pigments are cheap. I used eye shadow one time and it was beautiful.

  4. Young Nails does have something called Liquid Art that is concentrated colored monomer! You are a few drops to the regular monomer to get the same effect. It comes in yellow, blue, and red and is designed to work in the acrylic system!

  5. Non technician here. Need content for nails that never grow beyond tips of finger. They're very hard to work on. Mostly use gel. Was wondering if very carefully applying a cap of acrylic rather than on whole nail is a good idea.

  6. I was wondering if you had any tips on making sure that you don't tear off your whole nail bed when you're wearing press ons with acrylic like a base coat that stretches when it gets yanked on or something. Thanks for your time

  7. Wait Bachelors of Arts in chemistry?! Not knocking his qualifications because I’m genuinely just curious, chemistry is a science, so why does he not have a bachelors of science? What makes is Bachelors of Arts vs bachelors of science? I thought it was automatic based on the subject, but it’s not?

  8. Been doing this for a couple months and no issues. Plus if i been doing it and nothing bad has happened i start to think yeah they just want me to keep spending my hard earned money on their products. No thanks.

  9. Hey, i hope someone here can help me. I am 16 and starting to do my nails. Ofc, i will buy cheap stuff because I can't really afford something better. I saw someone talking about MMA, and I am not sure if it's in only acrylic or in gel too? Bc my plan is to buy kit for gel. And one more question, should I use sina nail primer? Bc i heard some people saying that sina gel is toxic. Thank you for reading this, this was the only place I could freely ask this.


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