Candy Corn Ombre Nails


Suzie creates a set of eye-popping Ombre Nails inspired by the popular Halloween Treat – Candy Corn.

Products Featured in this Video:

Alpine Snow – OPI

In My Back Pocket – OPI

I Just Can’t Cope-acabana – OPI

Magique SecondSkin – Magique

Nail Dream Candy Stickers – EXCLUSIVE NAIL COUTURE

Disclosure: I have not received any payment, or commission for the featuring any of these products. I used them because I like them.

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  1. Beware!! That's latex peel away she's using – I found our after Using it 4 times and having no problems – that I was allergic to latex my nails went BLACK ! Like I slammed them in a door and they ITCHED! So bad! Right up to the knuckle ! Then they went deep brown 4 days later – and started to leak pus! Always ALWAYS! Test on a patch of skin first – if it makes it red and bubbly like a burn – then you ARE allergic! I did write to Suzie but never heard back about something she could recommend for nails that are growing out that have had damage – pls share this info about what happened to me – so others won't have to go through it !


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