Cardi B's Nail Artist Shares Her Secret Technique💎


Get the inside scoop on Cardi B’s Blinged Nails! My guest is Jenny Bui aka the ‘Queen of Bling’. Jenny walks me through her secrets of adhering expensive crystals to nails.

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Jenny Secret Crystal Pen

Jenny Secret Crystal Adhesive

Jenny Secret Swarovski Crystals

Jenny Secret Crystal Finisher


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  1. I just loooove bling on nails and Jenny is just so talented! I remember seeing her in Cardi's insta stories a while back and I was just stunned by her work and patience!

    If anyone has a few minutes to spare, I just started posting nail art videos on my channel. Please give my latest video a watch, I will be forever grateful ^^

  2. So I just want to ask because I know that you (and cameraman) always remind us to practice with the e-file before using it on yourself and others. I want to start with polygel soon and been thinking about getting to use an E-file.(hobby), Does it mean I should get a fake hand to practice using the E-file first? Because I remember the video (E-File Training using BTArtbox E-File from Amazon) where you addressed to your clients that wanted to get their gel off. I only intend to practice to use it to get off polygel/gel for now.


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