Choosing The Right Type Of Foundation


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The fourth video in my #foundationcourse series is a quick reminder or how important choosing the right formulation for your skin type is whether you prefer liquid, powder or cream type format foundation X

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I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

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  1. I love this video. I'm so happy you mentioned very dry and very oily skin because that's my skin. I honestly thought it couldn't be that way. Like normal to dry or normal to oily.
    Actually in the warmer months, I am normal to oily. Obviously because the heat isn't on, drying out the air. I had never thought of 2 different foundations. I'm learning so much. I'm 53 and my skin has changed drastically. It's also always been sensitive. So that's something else I have to take into consideration. It's like I have to relearn everything, even how and where to put eyeshadow.
    Thank you so much for all this info.

  2. HELP, I've always had oily skin but as I age (now 34) I notice change so Idk what to do. I still have slight oily skin on cheeks/chin but the past year, parts of my skin are flaky & dry which is on my forehead, in my nose creases and badly under eyebrow hairs+ Ive dry patches on sides of eyelids. Im still acne prone w/ few breakouts and I have large pores on cheek/nose. I just don't know what skin care to use & what foundation would be best for me now (I'm neutral )it's really stressing me cuz i like to wear makeup to work but I'm unable to cuz when I put on foundation (it's 4 oily skin), the flakes show horribly in those areas. I was using proactive as skin care. HELP

  3. Hi Lisa. I think I may require two seperate foundations. My skin is typically oily and acne prone. However, it may be dry or oily skin with dry patches due to healing and retinoid use. What are some foundation recommendations…

    I have been using becca complexion creme and tarte 12 hour foundation however I find that the cream texture actually enhances my flaws and few wrinkles.

    Would chanel velvet matte be a better option as it is matte and liquid.

  4. I have very oily and very dry skin in the same places. My skin is naturally very oily, but I use an acne medication that works very well but is extremely drying. Basically my skin is very dry to the point of being flaky because of this medication, but my face still gets extremely oily pretty fast as I go about my day. I haven't tried very many foundations and they've all been drugstore, since I don't have much money, but they all either make the dry patches in my skin very obvious or turn into an oil slick. I have no idea what to do

  5. just discovered your youtube chanel! i now i am so late in doing so,and you're awesome.I would like to ask,is it weird/wrong if i'm using a liquid foundation and like a mineral/powder based concealer.(bare minerals foundation which can also act as a concealer,to be exact) ? and should i use the concealer before or after foundation? thank you!

  6. The foundation videos are super. And you learn a lot about your own skin. Especially if you look at the skin in natural light. The nail polish what you have is quite nice. What brand is it. It looks like mink muffs of Essie;-) Thank you Lisa for the tips.

  7. Hiya I have shiny cheeks and forehead as the day goes on so I think I have oily skin. I'm not sure if I have large pores as I don't really know what to look for. What type of foundation would you suggest, liquid or powder?

  8. I tried to reply I couldn't but any thanks for ur reply my face has blemishes and open pores and blemishes and my color is combined Brown has dark spot from sun so what shade I'll apply also I sweat lot when I apply anything on my face even my sunscreen please I need answer help me m first time make up applying

  9. ashlee all "photo finish" like HD do not have spf such as loreal liquid photoready foundation (is cheaper brand but good) or makeup forever HD foundation ( this is pro brand) i have both in my makeup kit!

  10. these foundation videos are amazing, even for a semi-pro MUA like me! i too use a 10x mag mirror. it IS very hardcore but really a girls best friend. but something you said about if it looks ok magnified x10, then itll look great with no magnification. so true! i hadnt properly considered that, but its true. i fret over more pores too much methinks! thankyou lisa!

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  12. Lisa, I notice you never have any redness in the whites of your eyes. I feel like my eyes are ridiculously dry and the added allergies make me look like I spent the morning poking myself in the eye. Do you have eyedrops that you use and, if so, which brand?

  13. Hi, Lisa! This course was so useful to me. Could you please do something similar about concealers? I agree with you when you say they are really underestimated. A course about concealers would be great to learn how to apply them without using layers and layers of foundations. It would be also great to know all your preferences. I really don't know much about this subject. I really hope you'll consider this request! Thank you.

  14. Mac mineralise make up was the first liquid foundation i ever used…. im 20 and it gave me very bad skin black heads etc. I dont have extremely dry skin but im not really oily either what would you suggest?

  15. she actually has a video called "foundation solutions for very pale skin", but i personally really like the bourjois healthy mix foundation if you don't want to spend that much money πŸ™‚

  16. I really need some help with my dry skin around eyes. I have serious dark eye circles and after putting makeup on, there were always horrible powder patches. What's gone wrong?

  17. HI, Lisa! This Foundation Course is brilliant. It's so helpful, especially because I've veered away from foundations for so long because I didn't know how to pick the right type and shade. Quick question, though: I notice that I do have dry skin, but because I live in a tropical country, which gets very hot and humid, getting foundation for normal/dry skin will still leave me oily. Do you have any tips as to how to reconcile that? Thank you so much!

  18. Dear Lisa, i have a very light skin (+ combination skin) and like to find the right foundation or BB cream. Which brand has very light foundations? Also, I have not that much money to spend… Your videos are really helpful! x

  19. Hi, I have very dry patches on my face but also a fairly oily t zone. I'm yellow toned and very pale. At the moment I'm using MAC pro longwear in NC15 but I find this too drying and slightly too dark for my skin. I'm looking at NARS and Bobbi Brown foundations to try next, could you recommend one for my colour and skin type? I'd like a medium coverage. thanks!

  20. Hi! How can I correctly estimate what skin type am I? For example, I thought that I'm oily skin type and than I did some test that showed my skin as normal. So I'm wondering how to recognize if my skin is oily in normal boundaries and if it is too oily or too dry? Is there some time frame or test that you could take/ apply? p.s. I loooove your vids! πŸ˜€

  21. Thanks Lisa!

    Another great video! What would you recommend for someone who needs full coverage to cover pigmentation on chin and cheek area and redness but wants to look like they have very little makeup on or at least a natural skin like finish?

    xo – M

  22. you said that foundation, over the day should wear off looking natural, but am not sure what you mean by take a look at how the foundation sits in your pores. how is the right formulation of foundation supposed to sit in pores? thanks a lot! x

  23. i realized that after both recommendations for both oily and dry skin, you did not feature the original bourjois healthy mix foundation. is there a reason why? what kinda skin would you suggest bourjois healthy mix for?

  24. Hi Lisa, I love your videos and I think your foundation courses are incredibly helpful.

    I have a question regarding concealers, whether or not you apply it before or after your foundation application? Also, is there a difference when I use concealer with liquid vs. powder foundation? Your advice would be great help :)!


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