Christmas Abbott Naked

Christmas Abbott shows her naked body as a fitness model and an athlete on her website, She has made a point to be very open about her body image. Christmas tells people that being naked or not doesn’t make anyone better or worse, and she is trying to take back the notion of what an ideal woman looks like in a naked society.

Christmas Abbott a photo of her completely naked

She posted a photo of her completely naked while doing squats at CrossFit. The responses were mixed, ranging from people who found it empowering to those who women with muscles turned off.

Strong Woman

The laws of physics explain why there can be no women among NASCAR mechanics during a pit stop. The average woman weighs about 60 kg, and the average weight of a racing tire ranges between 25 and 30 kg. It turns out that the mechanic of the weaker sex will need to lift and turn half of his weight. With this twist in the plot, it will take much more precious seconds to check the technical condition of the car.
However, physicists have simply never encountered Christmas Abbott. They didn’t come to her house, they didn’t see a bunch of nuts in her kitchen, and they didn’t stumble upon her pneumatics or her steering wheel right outside the bedroom. Scientists have never inspected her garage, in which, instead of a car, rods and disks are waiting for their mistress to increase the load. Physicists have never seen how Abbott handles a 30 kg barbell in between, holding it with ease on his shoulders like a downy handkerchief.

Contract with a NASCAR

31-year-old Christmas lying on the floor

31-year-old Christmas weighing 52 kg, got a gun tattoo on her thigh to remind herself of her time in Iraq (Iraq). Until recently, she could lift 115 kg with squats, and today this mark is already close to 125 kg. With such accomplishments, perhaps brash racing driver Danica Patrick will soon have to make way for a new sex symbol in the world of women’s racing.
Abbott has signed a contract with a NASCAR repair crew for the Camping World Truck Series, in which she will change tires for race car driver Jennifer Jo Cobb. In addition, Christmas may be pitting for Clint Bowyer at the prestigious Daytona 500. She will be learning from mechanics Michael Waltrip for a chance to really shine.

The story of Christmas Abbott begins in Virginia, where, as a little girl, she wanted to play baseball. Her mother, Barbara Nichols, gave her daughter such an unusual name because she was born in late December. When Nichols received a call from the baseball league and said that from now on, her daughter would need to wear a groin guard, Nichols simply changed her face. The mother decided that someone was playing a cruel trick on her and shouted into the phone: ‘Then she will also wear an iron bra!’ Little Christmas at that time was only 10 years old.
On the baseball field, Abbott was persona non grata. Other teams did not want their squad to be diluted by a girl. Today, Abbott recalls with a laugh: ‘They threw a ball at me. Many times. But she wasn’t about to give up. Christmas inherited her resilience from her grandmother, who came to the US with her husband from Germany after the Korean War. Christmas says of her: ‘She taught us to turn the other cheek’.

Car Crash

Abbott most likely would have continued to play baseball if not for the accident. When she was 13, she was driving home from a party. The car overturned, and then again and again. Christmas remembered only how she came to herself among the fragments and tried to call her sister Cole (Kole). Her sister was thrown out of the car and fell into a coma. Abbott herself escaped with scratches and a back injury.
Since the crash, Christmas has changed radically on the inside. The girl started smoking, spending a lot of time with guys playing baseball, and stopped going to church. It was more than the rebellious spirit of a teenager. Abbott admits: ‘I was angry. I was depressed. My world is filled with booze and cigarettes and not a single thought all day.’

Iraq reveals her identity

After a course of therapy, Christmas eventually felt the taste for life again. Her sister Cole recovered and later married and had children. Abbott worked as a construction laborer for a time before moving to Baghdad at age 22 to live with her mother, who was a general contractor there. Abbott spent the next three years in the military center, where she worked in the laundry for 12 hours a day, seven days a week. It was in Baghdad that her exhausting physical training began – pull-ups, squats, weight lifting. There, Christmas found a new self.
She loved strength sports so much that in 2007 when she returned to the United States, she opened her own gym in Raleigh. It took Christmas to get to Iraq to reveal her identity. And already in the States, representatives of NASCAR found her, which opened another amazing world for her.

Christmas Abbott transformed herself from chain-smoking alcoholic into a Raleigh-based fitness guru who just published Christmas Abbott: Being a ‘badass’ is about so much more than half-naked pics.

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