Christmas Elf Stiletto Gel Nails


Suzie creates a fun Christmas themed set of Stiletto Gel Nails featuring a hand-painted Elf.

Check out the 1st Edition of Suzie’s Online Magazine:

She also posted a Behind the Scenes video of the cover shoot:

Products used in making this design:

Ugly Duckling Premium Stiletto Nail Forms

by Young Nails:
ManiQ Cleanser

YNI Gel Sculptor

Base GEL

Build Pink Gel

YN Universal Cure Lamp

YN-100 Desktop E-File

Mission Control: Precision Gel

Precision Micro Detailer Brush.

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers who are interested in finding the products online.


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00:00 Christmas Around The World by Be Still The Earth
00:32 Hazey Dayz by Nu Alkemi$t
02:29 Downfall by Bryant Lowry
05:53 Ku$tom $hop by Nu Alkemi$t
07:28 Equinox by Kevin Graham
09:56 Wiggly Waffle by Mikey Geiger
11:42 Tropical Rain by PALA
15:42 Futures by Nu Alkemi$t
18:03 Paperboy by Matt Wigton
19:53 Celebration by Stephen Keech
21:00 Wiggly Waffle by Mikey Geiger
21:41 Christmas Around The World by Be Still The Earth
23:23 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach

All music © of the composers.
Music Licensed through



  1. Congratulations on your magazine! Suzie thats fantastic news!
    Watching this video , I have to say, when you were talking about white nail polish being streaky could not agree more!!! Ive been doing a lot of different designs and colors and trying a few ideas based on some artwork i walked past believe it or not, and of all the things i have had to do and re-do i spend more time fixing white polish!!

    It streaks, its so easy to "ding" it, it seems to be fine one minute then dries and it will look patchy! As though the layer itself rolled off the brush unevenly!

    Question!! – if I wanted to try several designs over a white base to make the colors really pop, is it possible to do a white dip powder and leave it on for a while and be able to change the design on top a few times without ruining the dip layer(s) and having to fix it?
    Will it hold up to repeat use as a bottom layer?
    Would topcoating protect it? Or is that not necessary?

    Also thank you for doing teaching videos! You and Camera-man are really inspiring and it really is so encouraging to see people who just enjoy not only working together but are so obvious fun for your guests to be around. So many people enjoy working with you both, have so many things to say about the kind welcome and having so much fun just hanging out with you both and learning from you both!
    It makes my heart smile to see you two interact with each other and the people you invite into your day! As corny as that sounds Its meant sincerely!!


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