Christmas Nail Art using Chrome, Sparkles and Stickers


Suzie demonstrates a quick and easy way to add a Christmas Theme on your nails using Chrome Powders, Gel Sparkle Polish, and Nail Dream Candy Stickers.

Products Featured in this Video:

Romeo and Joliet Gel Polish

Ugly Duckling Nails Inc

Nail Dream Candy Stickers

Chrome Powders – LIN DECORATION
link not provided for your protection, as the website is not https secure

Shine E Gel


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  1. I had to buy my mom the OPI Romeo and Juliet polish in both gel and regular polish. Anytime she’d get her nails done (before I became a cosmetologist) she’d always go to this guy and he’d take her polish off and tell her to go get another color when he was done filling her nails and she ALWAYS chose that color. Now she doesn’t want her nails done anymore so I’m left with this color. I hated it before I saw this video, now I might just end up using it. 🙂

  2. New subscriber. I love watching beautiful nail art being done. I'd do it on mine but I have this intense dislike of having my nails long. Though I've watched several videos from your channel and I am interested in that acrylic powder. Could make temp long nails for just a day if I wanted to. goes to research where to get this and how to make forms on my nails and whatnot

    Oh and I watch a couple other nail channels. One of them to get extra sparkles on her nails uses a make-up sponge. She puts the sparkle polish on and the sponge absorbes the polish without the sparkles so you can get a greater sparkle density.

  3. I'm really curious about this doing/seeing this stupid thing. Please no one judge me. How shiny would the chrome look on a chrome polish colour? again please don't judge my stupid curiosity


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