Christmas Tree Nail Art – Step by Step Tutorial


Suzie creates a fun Christmas Tree nail art design using Gel polish and sparkles.

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0:29 Need White and Green Gel Polish
0:42 Also need sparkles
1:45 Apply White Polish
2:10 Have a Dotting Tool Handy
2:26 Using Green Gel Polish, make three Green Dots
2:35 Use dotting to to paint the christmas tree
3:13 Flash Cure with Gel Lamp
4:25 Adding sparkles for tree ornaments
5:59 Finished Nails Reveal Photo's

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  1. Ahaha, at 3:58 I saw the Guiness glass with water and it made my day: I have the exact same Guinness glass, and I also use it for water! The regular glasses are too small, especially when I'm playing on my computer and can't be bothered to get up every 15 mins 😛

  2. Hi suzie do you do any videos on applying water decals i have acquired a few and after qualifying as a nail technician in January I'd love to be able to do decals but have no idea where to start if you could help that would be amazing. Amy from Amy's nail oasis (England) xxx

  3. Watching in 2017, and still loving this design glad to see its in gel polish!! That's the only type I like.. it actually stays on!! Your so creative I definitely appreciate your art and that you share it! !

  4. i love this. it looks like the nail was done entirely as the silver design and then the white was put on top of it and then wiped off in a tree design is revealed

    love it. you are SO talented and easy to watch. you really are made for the camera


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