Coffin – Ballerina Shaped Nails


Suzie demonstrates how to create Coffin or Ballerina Shaped Nails. There are some great tips in this video, including the best way to hold the client's hand when working on their nails.

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0:17 The Ballerina or Coffin Shape
0:53 How to Create the Coffin Ballerina Shape
1:30 Filing with Drill to Create Coffin Ballerina Shape
1:33 Using a Carbide bit
3:00 How to hold client's hand while working on their nails
3:57 Using the hand file
4:38 Slimming with the drill
4:52 Working the Cuticle with the Arbor Band
5:22 Smoothing with Hand File
5:42 Coffin shape finished on 1st nail
5:46 Complete the hand, recap of steps involved
6:03 Applying polish
6:12 Reveal Photo's of two different polish looks

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  1. I'm so happy I found your channel. I miss having my nails done but I stopped going to salons because they're so rough and I'm still dealing with a fungal infection on one toe from years ago because of a salon (and it wasn't a cheap place either), you've inspired me to try to do my own. Buying stuff slowly and will study your videos even more.

  2. I actually never cared for the coffin shape until watching your videos. I finally tired out some press on's to see how I'd like wearing them before spending more money on having them done. I LOVE them!!


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