Compliment Worthy Fragrances For Women and Men (Damn You smell Good!)


Perfumes mentioned in this video are listed below.

*These are affiliate links. If u have any interest in any of these fragrances feel free to click away!*

Mambo by Liz Claiborne-

Yellow Diamond by Versace-

Pleasures by Estee Lauder-

Chance eau tendre by Chanel-

La Vie este Belle by Lancome-

Ohh Lola by Marc Jacobs-

Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana-

Men’s Colognes:
Versace eau Fraiche-

Unforgivable- Sean John-



  1. Where else can you buy these perfumes besides Amazon ? Some review's say certain perfumes on Amazon are fake.. But I LOVE your videos. SO helpful for beginners trying to look for long lasting, but inexpensive perfumes ! I love smelling Chanel on others. I actually get complimented on VS body sprays believe it or not lol on bath and body works too. But the KKW body perfume I have gotten compliments on as well

  2. I just remember a time I was working at a bank at costumer service. Like 18 years ago. some women were wearing such a sweet gorgeous smell. finally i manage to ask one of them and it was Joop. I wonder if it smells as good as back in that time.

  3. Unforgivable- Sean John, to light and it doesn't last. LOl, I'm trying to sell my 4.0 bottle now. By the way, have you ever tried Cool Water women by Davidoff? It's not expense, it last and I think it smells great on a woman

  4. Shana, you are so pretty! A fragrance I used to get a lot compliments was Eternity by Calvin Klein. Honestly I didn't like it that much, I used it because it was a gift and also had a feeling of burning skin when I sprayed it, maybe because of the alcohol. But everybody loved that one!

  5. I am a R.N and work in an outpatient setting. One day I was wearing MAC Turquatic and a patient complemented me and asked what I was wearing. I saw her again at work the other day and she remembered me by my perfume and said she had to go buy it because that smell made her feel calm and relaxed on a day she was very nervous and having a bad day, she said every time she smells it it brings her back to a positive state of mind!! I thought that was so awesome! Great video girl!

  6. I'm a perfume addict too and was overjoyed when I found your channel last month! I no longer wear Pink Sugar or Marc Jacobs edp but used to get compliments all the time on them both. Two that garner lots of compliments now are Live In Love by Oscar deLa Renta and Incredible Things by Taylor Swift. One of my cheap scents that people seem to love is Freesia (Bath n Body Works). One guy went crazy over it and asked if I was wearing a Chanel fragrance. Lol

  7. I love smelling Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo on others and also bombshell 🙂 it smells SO good on others. My mothers signature scent is Omnia Crystallien. It smells just like an angel lol!! So pretty and i just always think of her when someone else wears it 🙂 xx big fan of your videos!!


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