Create Amazingly EASY Fall Leaves with Plastic Wrap & Acrylic🍁


I have used the Plastic Wrap method in a previous video using Gel. BUT I’m now using Acrylic, which is MUCH easier to create the desired effect. In this video I use Fall Chrome Colors and the effect is stunning!
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Products Featured in this video:

IBD Clear Gel

Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Drill – E-File

Joya Mia Chrome Kit – Mars

Joya Mia O2 Flow Mask

Madam Glam No Wipe Top Coat

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.01 Spring Choir by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫
00.49 Rainbow Dreams by Terry Devine-King ✫
02.40 Meridian Voyage by Martin Felix Kaczmarski ✫
07.31 The Mystery Guest by Jody Jenkins ✫
07.53 Midnight In Detroit by Marc Jackson Burrows ✫
10.05 Stealth Inspector by Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Chris Bussey ✫
13.38 Fantasy Island by Terry Devine-King ✫
16.00 The Sundance Singers by Paul Mottram ✫
18.40 Ecliptic Drift by Gareth Johnson | Martin Felix Kaczmarski ✫
20.36 Night On A Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant ✫
21.19 Hit The Floor by Bob Bradley | Matt Parker | Steve Dymond ✫
23.38 Smooth Light by Per Ljungqvist | George Nakas ✫
25.13 Fantasy Island by Terry Devine-King ✫
26.00 Spring Choir by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫

✫ Music courtesy of Audio Network Canada Inc.



  1. Hi Suzie! Just want to say that yes, we can see the details of the design and yes, it looks like exactly like those dry, crunchy leaves that are breaking down.. Beautiful work as always! ❤️


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