Desi Perkins’ Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR


Desi Perkins is among beauty royalty here on YouTube, but even she gets the occasional breakout. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, Desi walks us through her ultra-cleansing, acne-attacking nighttime skin routine… with a surprise guest.

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  1. I love the products used in this routine, mostly the silk face pads. where can I purchase those? Right now I use cotton and they are so irritating because they tear as I go through my skincare routine. I have tried so many different brands and still the same result!

  2. But the face oil not work for every oily skin my skin is very oily and i put olive oil , coconut oil , almond oil they just break me very bad and left my skin with small pumps

  3. Watched this video when it barley came out , I saw she used la mer eye gel, she specifically said she took it from her husband & I looked it up myself since I get milia & couldn’t find it, think they removed the clip because the product wasn’t out yet..


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