Did Suzie Just Bling Her Glasses? 🤔


Cardi B’s Nail Tech Jenny Bui from New York sent me her Jenny Secret Gem Adhesion System so I am Blinging Out my glasses to create a unique custom look!

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Zeelool Glasses

By Jenny Secret:

Bemi Beauty Box Unicorn Flakes

Crystal Xilion Rose 2mm flat back Rhinestones

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  1. You really should do two things before starting. Firstly protect your lenses – brush mild soap or vaseline on the lenses to make sure no glue gets on it. It can be washed off after. Also wipe the frames with an alcohol wipe first – that glue may not stay on it if there is grease on the frames.

  2. I took cat eye gel polish and dolled up an old pair of glasses and I wore them another two yrs til my 5 yr old broke them. I loved it! Cured in different stages and it was like purple and green cateye tortoiseshell. Now I want to chrome another pair….

  3. I thought she was going to do this with like gel or acrylic. I did this last year using banding with little crystals and gel polish. Then used acrylic to fix my sisters broken glass frame and my daughters broken temple on her glasses. It is weird but I did them on a whim and they actually worked for a long time until glasses needed updated prescriptions.


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