DIY Acrylic Glitter Inlay


In this detailed Step by Step Tutorial, Suzie creates a beautiful Acrylic Glitter Inlay.

Suzie’s Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has Sold Out – thank you to all who purchased it. Suzie is currently working on her new Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. She will announce in a new video when her new Kit is available.

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Included in her 1st kit was a sample of Living Bloom’s hand crafted hair oils. Check out their website:

Have Fun!
Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc.


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  1. Oh, wow… just found this video, and it is just what I needed. In two weeks I must go back to work, and they dont´t allow glitter and whatnot on our nails, so I´ll just do this like an, say, underlay instead of a overlay, and paint my nails in a plain babyboomer. Thanks a lot, Suzie, you´re the BEST! I so would get my nails done by you, but like they say… it´s a long way from Bavaria. ;-(

  2. Hello Suzie, thank you for all the videos for advice and tips. They really help a lot. I was wondering when will your Kit will be back on the Market? please let me know and thanks once again

  3. You're videos are absolutely wonderful. I really appreciate the details, and your tone of voice. Always reminding that mistakes are common, making beginners like myself feel confident. Thank you.


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