DIY: How to Apply Acrylic on a SHORT Nail


Acrylic Application on a Short Nail requires a specific technique. Suzie breaks it down in this Step by Step Tutorial using a Practise FInger that’s included in her Professional Acrylic Starter Kit.

Suzie’s Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has Sold Out – thank you to all who purchased it. Suzie is currently working on her new Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. She will announce in a new video when her new Kit is available.

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Included in the 1st kit was a sample of Living Bloom’s hand crafted hair oils. Check out their website:

Have Fun!
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  1. I took a cos class and the nail tech class. we had these practice fingers and practice hands in both kits. Neither of the teachers used them. We wasted hours making fake hands from rubber gloves and glue on nails. Thank you for showing me how to use these. Also thank you for showing how to use the forms. I can never get them on right and became discouraged with acrylic nails. I just looked up "how to use a practice finger for acrylic nails" on a whim after watching someone use one in another video. Voila! It has been here waiting for me. And where did you get your glasses? Absolutely fabulous. I want a pair!!!


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