DIY Nail Workshop – Hand Filing Technique


Suzie demonstrates how to sculpt and finish an Acrylic Nail with Hand Files in this step by step tutorial.

All the products used in this video are available in Suzie’s Limited Edition Professional Acrylic Starter Kit.

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  1. Hi Susie I have a question about nail files for natural nails. I have always used Revlon emery files are they ok. I have been watching videos and there are so many files on the market. Some say glass files are better (I think that is the correct name) does it really matter? Since you are The Expert on nails I highly value your opinion. I wish you could do my nails, I'm trying to grow out my natural nails but they bend back so easily especially when I make the beds OUCH it hurts. I'm looking for something to make my nails stronger but don't know what to buy.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I never knew about scoring, and it seems non of my nail techs ever did either. My poor fingers would get so cut up it wasn't funny, and being Head Chef and Bottle Washer at home, that would make it so much worse. I just scored my new file and I didn't once cut myself (yes, I always did), so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! <3

  3. Suzie I love your videos! Just had one question, do you do all of your own nails too? (Which means, you have to use your non dominant hand to sculpt the nails on your right hand) Wanted to know for myself as if I do my own nails I'm gonna have a hard time doing my right hand xD

  4. Regarding the visibility of what you do on camera I would also recommend using darker towel on your table if you use light powders. Or use considerably darker powders, this is for educational purposes and you are showing structure, not a design after all.

  5. so thankful that i found your videos. I'm a cosmetologist and love doing my nails, however they never taught us acrylics in school. I have tried so many times on my own to get it right but it wasn't until I started watching you that I had that "aha" moment. Thank you!

  6. Please help!! I am new to acrylic and I was attempting to file down an acrylic nail with a glass file and it WOULD NOT WORK AT ALL idk if I was doing it wrong or if glass files don’t work on acrylic PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE

  7. That is the Best Suzie, I have wanted an in-depth look at the Arch, Thickness, and where to start, the polish on the nail was a super hit for me, I now have filing down to a fine Art…Pardon the Punt…NOT…….Waiting eagerly on you to do this with the electric file as well. you are teaching me so much better than the course I did and didn't pass, besides trying to cram too much into 6 months of study for Certificate III in nail school, the nail course I undertook here in Australia was government based and suppose to qualify you as a professional, they could learn a thing or two from you…By the way, your voice is crystal clear and pleasant to listen to and you are covering every point from shape to file grit. I keep practising after each of your video's and am getting so much better in all area's of nail work, I would so love to nail this and do nails for my future profession, I just love it when it comes to filing , it's kind of therapy in a way, and your finished nail is the reward…Thanks….Rozzie/Australia


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