Dots and Bows on Short Nails – Nail Art


Suzie creates a cute Nail Art Design featuring bow-shaped jewels over Dots, perfect for short nails.

80 Disney Princess Nail Decals

0:18 Suzie is wearing short nails
0:24 Black Polish Base Coat with Blue Accent Nail
0:32 Airbrush Ink
1:05 Use Dotting Tool to paint quilted pattern
2:41 Clean paint off Dotting Tool
3:29 Painting your non-dominant hand
5:09 Clear Top Coat
6:50 Choosing the Jewel to use in this design
7:22 Use Sculpting Gel to secure the Jewels
8:09 Place the Jewel onto the Sculpting Gel
8:35 Cure the Gel
9:22 Finished Design Real Photo’s

ilnpbrand electric blue
Pressed Dried Flowers Design Water Slide Nail Decals


  1. A little trick I do is I always start with using my non dominant hand to paint I find to be easier so then you can use your thumbnail to wipe away the polish on your cuticles. It will also turn out pretty well because you’re not rushing cause when you start to do your other hand you might feel excited or wanna finish fast.

  2. Fingr's Prints has the same exact nails called 'on the dot' that are fake nails with great gemmed bow charms that come with it you can buy at drugstore. Suzie did u copy them or is this just coincidence? Cuz I got those nails way longer than 2016 ago. You even put bow charms on too. So strange lol

  3. OMG! Ok so I've only been doing nail art for about 2 years, but I used to go ok google and look up nail art to get ideas and then I'd go on YouTube to figure out how to do it. Since the first day I've been doing this I always saw these on google and I even did them not knowing it was you! I started watching your videos a month ago!


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