Dual Form – Why Did the Nails Break?


Suzie’s tried Dual Form Gel nails on her client Liz. How did they stand up to Liz’s busy schedule? Suzie analyses the result.

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BIO-SWIFT NAIL TIPS by Bio Seaweed Gel

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  1. I tried the poly gel dual form and paper form methods and at first I thought that I was putting too much solution which may have caused them to keep popping off but then when I put the least amount I possibly could. They still continued to pop off. I don’t understand what exactly I’m doing wrong or how to fix it. Because I do want to continue doing nails because I think it’ll be a great finance method while going into uni along with doing people hair but I’m worried that I keep doing something wrong

  2. Hey Susie, I love you and the way you explain things. Also, I just received some dual forms and wasn't quite sure what how to do them, but, thx to you, I know now. I'm just sitting down to do them. Thx, Susie Q

  3. Ja aber es ist super, für kurze Nägel und zum verlängern danke für deine tollen Videos. 🙂 Und wie du sagst es geht schnell, schnell ist in diesen Fall leider ungeeignet. Du könntest es noch mal mit Acryl probieren als mit Gel. 🙂 ♡ Liebe deine Videos. ♡

  4. I do believe know where exactly you went wrong. With the "dual forms" you should build a thinner layer in the dual form but make sure to get the stress point built and then do a second layer for where the nail actually is and then afterwards if needed go over the layer that was first put down into the dual form that is now on top.

  5. I love this method, but I do it differently. I only put it halfway up the nail versus putting it against the cuticle because when you press down on the tips or form, a bit of the product oozes out the sides and bottom. But, once it dries or cures, you can file off that excess product and at this point, I will add extra layers of gel or acrylic to certain areas to give the nail strength and I can manipulate the gel or acrylic around the cuticle area and make it look much better and flush lat the cuticle like you would if you created it from scratch. This way may take a little longer, but it makes the nail much stronger and look way better.

  6. I saw someone use these to get started & then build strength layers over the top. Just a preference over using standard forms to build ontop of.
    Not sure how I feel about that.

  7. hi love! hope to see more women of color in your videos soon 🙂 your platform is huge and many woc get their nails done. woc even dominate the industry which i’m sure you know.

  8. Hi Suzie!!!! thanks for this video!! I agreee with you. This system is a good idea, but it doesnt "Structurally" work Its way to thin, Doesnt have enough C Curve and depending on what you use. I rather stick to the 'OLD Fashion" way. You dont want your clients walking around with Broken Nails.. Gives "YOU" a bad name,… okuuuurrrrrr!!! lol

  9. I got so frustrated, that I threw all the asp.priducts away. It may come across crazy for me to do this but I need to use a product thats much more user friendly so it gives me joy over my work instead of dread and frustration.

  10. I tried using dual forms on my own nails and used the asp product. I used asp 2 years ago without the dual forms and used tips with overlay and i had good results.

    Earlier this year I went back to doing my nails using kiss products tips with overlay and had good results. I couldn't afford the asp. and used the kiss products instead.

    Over a week ago I bought asp. a week ago. I thought I would have good results but I think the asp. products manufacturings were not using the same ingredients as they did 2 years ago. I used their products both ssp. scupture nail kit with dual forms and it was a disaster. It would ooz and spue everwhere where it got all on my fingers instead of my nails. It would get all gunky underneath my nails. I would try to file them but the product was so hard as steal, even my e file with the strongest grit couldn't cut through it. My regular files with the highest grit wouldnt cut through it either. So it took alot longer to file it down. I started at 7 p.m. last night and didn't get it done til midnight.

    It got them filed and buffed down to a shorter length and it was filed down to a right consistancey. It was very frusratung using this.the product would harden up so hard and that the brushes I used on my nails would get so gunky and hard as a rock that the brushes were useless. I went through 3 brushes and i would wipe the product off with an old towel many tines it the gunk would not go away.

    Never again will i use dual forms and this product again. I will stick with kiss products were its very pliable and easy to work with. I might even try the products that Suzanne is selling. Word to the wise, DO NOT USE ASPIRE PRODUCTS AT SALLYS BEAUTY SUPPLY. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING

  11. Basically you build with a dual form, then you do the apex. So it is there for you to not use a form. You apply a thin layer of gel, it is absolutely normal and logical that is it not going to be durable. I use dual forms and my nails last for more than a month. But I prep, put a thin layer, cure a bit, pinch, fully cure, then buff and add a nice apex, file.

  12. I absolutely love watching you. Some people make comments because they may be flawed them selves and just want to make someone else feel/look bad. I love the way you showed this from beginning to end, you are so easy to watch and listen to. You have a new sub.

  13. I use dual forms but just to create a base layer for my nail as I find it’s either too thick or too thin using just the dual form. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a few years and I still keep watching your videos. I always learn something new every video and you’re just so nice to watch. Is the cameraman your husband? It’s nice to hear him in the videos supporting you and your creations! You guys make a really nice team. Look forward to watching more of your videos over the years 🙂 good luck to you suzie! Thank you for your videos

  14. I think its funny that there's so many people so quick to say Suzie did the nails wrong, even though she has years and years of technician experience. how many of y'all that are judging her are nail technicians? this is a learning channel!

  15. The more I watch these videos the more I realize that nail technicians are true engineers. I can relate to these structural issues in regards to buildings and bridges, not so much nails, but the ideology is the same. It’s cool seeing engineering in things other than the industry!


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