E-File Training using BTArtbox E-File from Amazon


Join Suzie in this detailed video using an Amazon E-File. Suzie demonstrates how to remove your nail extensions using the BTArtbox battery-powered portable E-File that everyone can buy on Amazon. No license needed for purchase.
This video was sponsored by BTArtbox.

Featured in this video:
BTArtbox Portable E-File
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additional Tungsten/Carbide Bits from BTArtbox.
Please Note: some of the bits in the kit linked below are recommended only for experienced E-File users as improper usage can damage the nail/finger

Disclosure: The link to the additional bits is an Amazon Affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate Nail Career Education earns from qualifying purchases.

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06:30 Lost in America Part II by Daniel Kadawatha
12:17 Through The Static by Keppel Skies
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17:02 Better Off With You by Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman

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  1. I have been doing my own nails since this quarantine started and have actually gotten kinda ok with my drill, but this video was great to show some mistakes I've definitely been making. But I have a really important question. What kind and how many amps do you use for your uv/led light for your gels? I need to buy one and am unsure. They have so many to choose from like 6watts to 120watts. Please help!!!

  2. How do you deal with all the dust while you're at home? I've had an e-file since December, and I get bad allergies from all the dust when I do my nails. It's only every couple of weeks, so it hasn't been the worst thing in the world. But I'd still rather figure out a solution.

  3. Best videos on YouTube…you do such a great job. So helpful. I have been Rambo watching all your videos…I have very thin nails…with the C. virus I am now 2 months since my past acrylic job…have had to file and soak most…and a couple popped off.. What a mess I am…lol…

  4. Hi I love watching your vids. 🙂 so helpful. Was wondering if you would try the perfect match perception translucent gels. Want some advice on them. They are very pretty. But I have trouble with my application. Help. Thanks

  5. So when I would have acrylics done at a salon, they would soak them in acetone to take them off. I didn't know that wasn't needed. Now I feel like they're just doing that to avoid the work of an E-File, or they use a tip and dig under the acrylic nail to pop it off. That hurts so bad! I quit getting acrylics because of this, now I do Dip with Tips. I learn so much from you! I wish you were in the US. Take care, stay safe!

  6. Great educational video!! I've had my e-file for some time now and I love it!! Even though I only use it for one finger only. Thanks guys for the refresher course. Next month suzie I'm ordering your files for my natural nails..


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