EASY & FAST CHRISTMAS Nail Art Techniques❄️


Three Snowflake Nail Art Techniques that look hard but are SO Easy!

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Clear Jelly Stamper
Let It Snow Stamping Plate

#002 Jenny’s Gonna Love it!! – Nail Stamping Color

Christmas Snowflake Metallic Gold Sequin

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07.05 Star Of Light by James Brett
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09.05 Hygge by David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Malcolm Edmonstone
11.48 Harmonic Thinking by Terry Devine-King
13.56 Elves Workshop by Ray Davies
14.29 Star Of Light by James Brett
16.26 TchaikovskyArr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jennifer Green | Rob Kelly
16.53 Deck the Halls Arr. Patrick Hawes

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  1. Hi! Can anyone help me please? I'm new to doing my nails with gels and poly, whenever I try encapsulate anything it doesn't have that final finished sparklingly look it's supposed to after the top coat, it remains cloudy after I file it! I have followed all the steps. I'm now thinking it's because I bought the cheapest clear poly that I could find (obviously as I'm starting and getting used to the product & wasting it etc.) Is it normal for cheap clear gel to be not so clear? Thanks

  2. PLS READ I NEED HELP!!!!! ok so i ordered a cheap acrylic nail kit off amazon and the brand is morovan. the monomer bottle says EMA but when i tried to soak it off with acetone it turned all sticky and gummy like MMA. i watched a few videos of people comparing them and it definitely looked like MMA but the bottle says EMA so i’m confused if i’m doing something wrong or if the monomer actually is MMA. if you have any experience with this brand (morovan) or with MMA please help!!

  3. Anytime I want to do thin lines in a design, I use stamping polish. I dab a bit on my palette (the metal lid off of a large tin of nuts) and then thin the ever loving crap out of it with acetone. It should be close to the consistency of ink–just a little bit thicker. The consistency of it makes it go down in super thin lines and the fact that I started with heavily pigmented stamping polish means that there's still enough pigment in it to make them really distinct.

  4. Hey Suzie, I love your video so much. I had this random question, when your doing a new set, on natural nail. You say don’t over file your natural nails. My question is if someone came to you with thin nails due to over filing. What is the best solution in your opinion. I can’t remember if you talked about it in one of your videos. Thanks so much. Also thanks for putting your time and energy in each video. ☺️

  5. HELP!!! I lost my entire pinky nail in an accident, it will not grow back. At this point it has continued to bleed for a full week and is being treated with open wound protocol. Once it heals what are my options? I have acrylics on my nails and that is what was on my nail when the accident occurred. I really don’t want to have to hide the end of my finger forever but I don’t see how you would apply something when there is no nail at all.


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