Easy, Pretty, High School/College Makeup – Teen Beauty Tutorial


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Easy look for teens and makeup newbies who want a simple look using high street/ drugstore products. Good for high school or College girls X

Bourjois – Cream blush – Rose Tender 03:
Bourjois – Healthy Balance Compact Powder:
Ecotools – Six Piece Starter Brush Set:
Embryolisse – Lait Creme Concentre:
Gosh Cosmetics – Eyebrow Kit:
Korres – Lip Butter – Quince:
MAC – Lip Brush – 316:
Maybelline – Dream Fresh BB Cream:
No7 – Foundation Brush:
Physicians Formula – Organic Wear Mascara – Black:
Pixi – Illuminating Tint and Conceal – Light Glow 01 :
Revlon – ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad – Decadent 505:
Revlon – ColorStay Concealer – Light 02 :
Shu Uemura – Eyelash Curlers:

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  1. Does anyone have tips for concealing pimple scabs? My pimples heal real fast and turn into dry scabs and foundaton and concealer make it 10 times more noticable and ive tried primer and moisturizer and it doesnt work :/

  2. YAY! found one where your using Eco Tools brushes 😛 they really are super good brushes, i've got the Essential Eyeshadow Set which is a mini travel set but it's just the handles that are mini size but the bristles are normal size, mayne a tintsy wintsy bit smaller but still like normal size, i've only tested them a little bit but since before i had the worst brushes EVER apart from my blush and powder brushes i could tell an immediate difference in the quality, how it pats on eyeshadow and picks it up from the palette and it doesn't suck up the pigment, i just brushed it off on my hand and i could use another color, they are perfect and super cheap, the Essential Eyeshadow Set is £7.99 in Superdrug, sometimes they have deals on them too so you could get a few quid off .

    This look even as a 27 year old is something id definitely want to do since i rarely ever wear it and i don't really care to be really knoledgable about it since i don't like to wear it, Asda has a nude palette with lots of nice colors in them, got browns, peach, peachy pink, light pink, ivory, white for £6 which i'm thinking of buying because i just don't really need all my other eyeshadows… and the pigment isn't that great… except for shimmery cream/powder ones i have but i don't know what to do with the blacks, greens, purples, greys, blues on any other eyeshadows i've got so the Asda palette is great just for the essential colors needed, id probs pack on that lovely pink peachy color a bit more so it's more noticable on the eyelid since i've got hooded eyes. Great video.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I have 2 daughters and one of them is at the age where she can start wearing makeup. It is great to have a tutorial for her to refer to that is age appropriate and realistic. So far my older daughter is only a little interested in makeup, but my youngest raids my makeup as often as I let her and will sit with me while I put mine on. So she might be my little makeup guru. But she'll also need to know how to be age appropriate.

  4. I think young girls should be allowed to experiment with makeup if they want but personally I love this simple makeup on a young beauty like her. Personally I think enhancing your natural beauty by evening out the skin, applying a bit of blush and filling in sparse areas in the brows is a place to start and then if she wants to play with color on her lids or a colorful liner she should be able to do that as well! When i have children, if I have a child who wants to wear makeup I will certainly allow them to use it but I will teach them proper techniques and how to enhance their beauty, not completely change it (when they're young, in adulthood do whatever you want) which is something I did not have growing up because my mother did not wear makeup or do any sort of skincare

  5. love the bit in the beginning where you talk about less is more. I have an 11 year old daughter who is advanced in school and has girls 2 and e years older than her in her class. my husband and I agrees that she can start wearing LIGHT amount of makeup in High school. I am subscribing to your channel because I think you give great, positive tips for girls of all ages. keep it classy! your model looks so pretty!!

  6. Lisa I can't thank you enough for this. a makeup and beauty professional saying a heavy look is not cool I agreed my girls are 15 and 13 and beginning thier makeup journey and I have scoured the Internet for light pretty appropriate makeup. thank heaven I found this. I am a long time fan of your channel and should have looked here first.
    many thanks this 8s exactly what I wanted to watch with my girls xxxx

  7. Unfortunately and clearly girls in my school are so hooked on to the thick and defined eyebrow looks, some even have cakey foundation, when they are just year 9 students. I just do not get why they think that it is trendy because some of them do have really nice and naturally bushy brows already.

  8. Yes people, wear as much or as little make up as you want. It's totally up to you. No one here is trying to dictate anyone on what they should or shouldn't do with their face. If your school allows dramatic make up then by all means go ahead and do that if you want to. But if it's not, or you are a beginner teen who just start experimenting with makeup and doesn't feel confident in using fuller make up, this will be a great guidance for you.

  9. I have a tan skin and I'm a Pilipina I live in philipines and we have a tropical country here .. I'm 16 years old… can you give me some advice on what product is best for me … 🙂 I have an oily skin and I get sweaty a lot …

  10. I love how Lisa always uses makeup to enhance someone's natural features instead of caking it on and contouring until you have a totally different face! nothing wrong with it, I just love how she uses makeup in a purposeful way :))

  11. my routine (I'm 13)

    1. moisturiser
    2. concealer under eyes and on spots
    3. light dusting of powder to set concealer
    4. a wee bit of blush
    5. some bronzer just to make my self look more tanned
    6. pop of highlight above cheeks, tip off my nose and my chin
    7. light coat of mascara
    8. neutral eye colour
    9. fill in brows
    10. pink lip gloss

    Then I'm done and ready for school <3

  12. I agree that young girls should not cake themselves in makeup, but is it wrong to have fun with makeup? Is it okay for a teenage girl to wear cat eyeliner or nude lipstick? As a teenager myself, I find that makeup is a large component of my style that makes me myself. My favourite part of going to school and seeing my friends with their funky purple eyeliners and colorful eyeshadows. I love makeup, I might even want to do it as a job, but honestly this video kind of discourages me.
    Courtney Bouvier Jordan, 14 years old


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