Edge Nails with Decal Nail Art


Suzie takes her latest Nail Design: Edge Nails and adds a spectacular look with Polish and Decal Nail Art.

0:55 Two Coats of Grey Polish
2:30 Choice of Decals
2:47 Removing the Decal
3:10 Applying the Decal
3:36 Trim with scissors
3:57 Adding Decals to the other Nails
5:52 Last Finger – the ‘Pinky'
6:05 Decal is too Big – Trim to fit
6:33 Top Coat
7:31 Finished Design Reveal Photo's

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  1. I love how you can still see the underside of the nail, where the glitter is showing. When nails are that long, I feel it's a shame no one is painting the underside some cool color. I'm just waiting for that trend to come. My own nails never get that long. I work with my hands too much.


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