EZ Smoke Effect Gel Nail Art


Suzie has fun playing with a quick technique to create a Smoke Effect on her Nails.

Products featured in this video:

Black Gel Polish #43 – Ugly Duckling Nails Inc.

White Gel Polish #044 – Ugly Duckling Nails Inc

Striper Nail Art Brush – Ugly Duckling Nails Inc

Ultra Shine Top Coat by BeMi Beauty Box

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. Some products were given to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience of using the products with her viewers. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers.


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Escapism (Picture It) – Fey Foxx
Half Smile – Hale
Intrigue – Autumn Everywhere

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  1. The ring finger one with the black smoke on the white nail looked really cool!! They both did but that one had almost a ghostly look to it…lol like to me I could kinda see what looked like a silhouette of a woman in the smoke pattern… Really cool!!!

  2. I love this look, and since I’m new at all this, I’ve been binging on all sorts of nail art ideas. I’ve purchased, but not yet received many types of color media, which I’m hoping to test water, alcohol and acetone to see what effects I can achieve. Would be interested in seeing more videos of this type, but am happy with seeing all the things you do! I appreciate all your efforts to show us things!

  3. Suzie, thank you so much for these vids. The artistic tutorials are really fun, but as a "serious hobbyist" what I appreciate most is the practical stuff, which has helped a lot. Little things like, sizing nails right so they don't pop off, and how to solve smudging. Thank you SO much for all your vids!!

  4. Very cool nails!!! Was wondering do you have any suggestions for a great base and top coat that I could get at Sally Beauty supply. I've been using China glaze base coat and the opinion brilliance as a top coat but have not been happy unfortunately

  5. Suzie just being the best. I keep chewing my nails like insane because I have anxiety but always watching your videos.
    I'm going to take a date in a nail salon to make my nails done.
    Thank you so much for being so nice and gentle and precise in your videos!

  6. Susie, I just love everything about you & your videos! Aside from being so talented, your demeanor & quiet professional manner along with the fun you have with "cameraman" makes your videos so easy and wonderful to watch. I just bought EVERYTHING I needed to do my nails at home – acrylic, tips, gel polish, lamp & nail art supplies of ALL kinds. It added up to quite a large investment!!! I don't have to tell you that! Seems I have a genuine knack to do this and decided to stop going to the salon. I do my friends and daughters nails and I thoroughly enjoy it! I have seen every video on You Tube and you are by far my #1 choice!! Keep those videos coming. Your loyal fan!

  7. Suzie you’re incredibly talented and I’m learning so much from your videos
    What is the name of brand of your cute pink nail gel dryer featured in the video? Xx

  8. I design my nails and then you have a video of what I just created!!! Different colors but wow.!!!! Have you thought of doing the aquarium nail yet? I have 15 people who want me to do their nails, but unfortunately I do not have a lic. I was told I have the best nails in town. Thanks to you and your video's. You must come to Estes Park, CO sometime and see the National rocky mountain Park, Stanley Hotel and me at the rocky Mountain Pharmacy. Great fun!!!!

  9. Can you pleaseeeee. Pleaseeeeee. Do a review on Canni gel or UR Sugar gel? They are really cheap "brands" and can only be found at online stores such as eBay, amazon, etc.
    I noticed that gel paint pods never have ingredients on them, so it's harder for me to compare which brands are good… or at LEAST considered "okay" and not super harmful on nails..

  10. Hey Susie I have never gotten acrylic nails done before and I'm REALLY scared so I'm 11 yrs old and I'm getting almond glitter faded nails do they hurt because that machine thing is really scary so does it hurt getting acrylics??! Thanks for your time luv you and you videos

  11. Is there a way of mixing matte and glossy topcoat with a similar effect? Or just playing with matte/glossy on one nail? I see a black glossy nail with matte designs (or the other way around). I dunno just thinking out loud. xD

  12. I love your videos! I want to start doing acrylics, but don't want to use an electric file. Could you do a video on how to do a fill without a hand file? I can't find videos anywhere doing this.


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