Feel Younger With MUST-HAVE Fragrances for Mature Women! You Vote!


I try out 5 beautiful fragrances I can’t wait to share with you. You can vote on the Fragrance Awards Here! Choose Your Favorite Perfumes:

Products Mentioned
Estee Lauder Pleasures
Eternity Calvin Klein for Men
Ralph Lauren Romance
Victoria’s Secret Heavenly
Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works

I received this product complimentary from The Fragrance Foundation. All opinions are 100% my own #gifted #honestreview #octolyfamily”



  1. Hello Laura 🙂 so nice to see you… I can only imagine school time and being a teacher, you all do such great work in helping our kids along the way. You help their journey in life, and even no doubt inspire some 🙂 So Thank you for doing that for the children in our country.. For the perfumes , I haven't tried any of these at all so I couldn't say of which I would vote for.. I wouldn't mind trying the Romance scent, and Heavenly scent.. Have a good weekend ,love and blessings xoxox <3

  2. I absolutely love the five a day play!! One of my favorites and I look forward to every year! I'm sad thinking I might have to miss it next year but I will always have all the songs and you in my heart!! The shirt looks fabulous by the way!!!

  3. Hi Laura , How fun to do a musical at the end of the year !!! I would love to be in your class !!! Break a leg tonight !!! Love your beautiful top , you look very pretty !!! I like the pink sugar that you usually wear !!! They all seem lovely !!! Thank you for sharing !!!
    Love ya, Big Hugs =)

  4. How great that you do a play every year!! I am sure that every child loves being in your class no matter what!!! I am LOVING your hair! I don't think I have seen you since you got your fringe….So youthful!! Enjoyed seeing you and watching…I watched a few of your videos that I have missed…So I commented here for all of them…LOL….Loved the 2 item drugstore easy everyday look video as well! Hugs…

  5. Remember Cinnabar from Estee Lauder? That was my favorite wintertime perfume.
    I love all types of fragrance. Amber as a base is great for me. Every time I wear it, I get complemented. 🙂 xxx

  6. Hi Laura – your hair looks gorgeous I love a blunt cut. Your end of year show sounds so much fun I can imagine all those vergetables running around. Love your top. I have not tried any of the perfumes you mention my absolute favourite and signature fragrance is Boss Orange (Hugo Boss) I love this. Happy Wednesday my beautiful friend – much love Vivienne xxxxx

  7. Good Morning my sweet bestie, I know that you are one excellent teacher, and I too would have wanted to be in your class growing up so that I could participate in that play.  I wore both Pleasures and Romance ions ago Pleasures in the summer and Romance in the winter.  Happy Wednesday!!  Love you!!  Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  8. Hi Laura, How exciting to receive all those lovely fragrances. I would probably like the vanilla one the best as most perfumes smell terrible on me…like stems. I know that's weird. It must run in the family because my sister says perfumes make her smell like "animal." That's REALLY weird! It's so neat about our school play. Just think what a great influence you are having on those kids' lives. That's really special. One last thing. I LOVE your hair!! It looks modern, young and fabulous! I hope you have a great summer! XXOO Beth

  9. EL Beautiful was my signature fragrance for years during the day and I'd use RL Romance on date nights. I rarely wear fragrance anymore though because you never know who you'll be around that's opposed or allergic to fragrance. Laurie

  10. Your hair looks so pretty today! My all time favorite is estee latter beautiful! Then Lauren by Ralph Lauren. And now I've been on a modern muse by Estée Lauder kick! I just love perfume back in the day loves baby soft and lasport. I'm an80s girl lol!

  11. I haven't tried any as yet. They all seem like they would be really nice, but I think I would try RL Romance. Have fun with your play! I'm sure it'll be a big hit! ♡♡♡

  12. Yay, I still get excited when school is out. I used to look forward to no homework for my kids. I used to use perfume so much when I was younger, but just have slowly stopped using it altogether as I have aged.

  13. So glad you are almost done for the summer!!! All those fragrances sound wonderful! Can you believe we are expecting snow here Thursday and Friday? Doesn't quite feel like summer here LOL… I hope your play goes wonderfully!!! I love looking at WHBM sale items, there are always some great buys! You look gorgeous, Love you! xoxo

  14. I feel for you for the end of the school year!! I know it is a lot of work and on top of that to put on a play!! But I am sure it all went well!!! I love your hair today!!! You look gorge!!! xoxoxoxoxo Love ya!!! Carol

  15. I was just about to shut my computer down, and you popped up! I know you play will be adorable. Hooray, school is almost out. My all time favorite scent is Opium, but only in the oil form. They haven't made it is years, but I still have about 1/4 of a large bottle that I know is over 20 years old. It still smells amazing, but definitely not a summer scent. I did go vote! I've always been drawn to R.L. Polo for men. Love you, Laura. Many blessings, and rest & relaxation…MaryEllen

  16. I love scent but sheesh I'm so darn fussy. I have many friends that can wear several dozen fragrances. Not me. I know all of those you mentioned but have passed them over. They are nice but just not "me" which is important in a fragrance. I'm loving my Scentbird subscription because it has made me a bit more open minded and that has been fun! I do love warm vanilla sugar and have the shower gel in my stash and even a back up. Love vanilla but not sure I would wear that particular version of vanilla as a fragrance. Now that I've talked in circles, thanks for sharing.


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