Fill Your Nails Using Your Opposite Hand


Suzie desperately needs a Nail Fill and demonstrates how to do a Nail Fill on yourself using your Opposite or Non-Dominant Hand.

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Suzie used Joya Mia 3in1 Nude Collection Acrylic and Dipping Powder#55 and inSync matching Lacquer #55 in this video.
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Disclosure: Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc. receives a commission from Joya Mia when you use her Discount Code.

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.00 Solar by Magnofield
00.54 Away from Home by A P O L L O feat. Homebody
05.27 Small Circuits by From Now On
07.53 Gloom by Magnofield
9.14 Lost in America Part II by Daniel Kadawatha
12.32 Away from Home by A P O L L O feat. Homebody
15.28 Sippin by Cospe
16.11 Elude by Senchi
19.16 Gloom by Magnofield
22.36 Solar by Magnofield

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  1. Hi Susie,
    would you be able to a video on comparing different types of nail dust collectors for us doing our own nails? That we can buy from

  2. Hello Suzie Q. 🙂 Hope you and Your loved ones are doing great! Thank you for another relaxing and inspirational video. You give me hope that I someday will learn to fix my own (and perhaps others) Nails. I am just wondering: What file are you using in this video? Any tips on what file I should get? Hugs from superfan in Norway!!

  3. On pigmented acrylic not being as strong as clear (reason you stated for putting a layer of clear on top) – is that true of hybrid gel as well, where product with pigment is not as strong as clear hybrid gel? I use Happy Gel and find the Eternal Beige chips more than the Crystal Clear.


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