Finding The Right Shade Of Foundation – Lisa Eldridge


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This, the second video in my foundation series explains how a little self knowledge can go a long way when it comes to searching for a good colour match. Hope it’s helpful X

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  1. what an informative video, Lisa! thank you so much! I'm such a huge fan of yours. I've been watching your videos for years and have learnt tonnes from you. you've addressed the concerns that most people have when it comes to finding the right foundation shade. I'm light skinned with neutral olive undertones. even I have discolouration around the mouth and temples with my face being a bit darker than my neck. shades which seem like good colour matches for me look ashy around my mouth. perhaps I'll need to mix two shades from now on.

    xx Meher

  2. This video just changed my life. No one has every explained shade finding so well. I actually am excited to go shopping for foundation. My skin is so wonky and I've never found a proper match. I'm so excited!!!

  3. that was great as that foundation on your chin looked fine. I also find that advisors in the stores just say on a small area so where is their understanding and training!

  4. Thank you SO much! I am just seeing this video now. I too have redness with my neutral/yellow undertones and this makes matching a foundation to my skin extremely difficult. I often have to mix foundations shades and add correctors; and I am thrilled you demonstrated my issue completely! ย It is far easier in the summer when my skin has a bit of color; but it is seriously difficult in the winter. I have tossed so many foundations; and even gave it up completely for many years only to rediscover foundation as I was on the hunt for mineral makeup to cover some of that redness; and makeup that does not make my skin break out. I also run across the issue of having multiple skin shades throughout the year as the seasons change since I spend a lot of time outdoors. This video was amazing. I am so happy I stumbled across it!

  5. This hugely helps ๐Ÿ˜› testing out my Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in the color "Pink Blossom" it's definitely a 100% match but it goes with the peachy white color of my skin which is more or less if not the same to Nicole Kidmans skin color and in daylight or spotlight i may look extremely pale but i'm not :P, this is good news because i may be able to pull off more lip colors. I think i already did a good job myself matching the powder though but i mistook the red in my skin as rosy colors and it also may look rosy, i've always been told i'm dead rosy but i'm actually not… it's just a flush of red mainly on my face, i think such a skin tone has this illusion that your either Pinker or Paler in different lights.

    Nicole Kidman beautifully pulled the wool over our eyes on that one in Moulin Rouge in the Diamonds are a girls best friend scene she looks like this pale goddess coming down but then as you watch her as the camera flicks back and forth she has these Peach tones in her skin, you'll then obsolotely notice the Peach tones in the scene Your Song, i always thought she was totally pale but she's not she just didn't have any, if not only a bit of blush on, possibly blush brushed around her face to give it this natural flush, i guess it's one of the more tricky skin tones, it's so clever the way she did that haha, it was hard enough finding the right powder color for it though but i'll probs stick to Rimmel London since they seem to have the right color, i'm not sure about their foundations though but Porcelain may be a good match, i don't think i'll be putting the powder just over my skin any more though because i noticed that you can't really just brush it on your skin and have it cover much and it's probs best if i brush it over Foundation or just use a Transparent powder instead because the more you brush it on the more Cakey it starts to look but it still doesn't cover properly. At last! i figured this out! now i can rest lol. Thank you so much Lisa your a star.

  6. I wish Iโ€™ve seen this video earlier. I went into La Prairie store and was recommended a foundation that fits my fa e perfectly but too dark for my neck. Now I waste a lot of product on my neck, look more tired than I actually am, and never be able to wear high collar jumpers ever. A disappointing purchase of AU$290.

  7. Obsessed with you Lisa โค๏ธ Iโ€™m not a makeup artist but using your tips, I found the correct shade of foundation for my cousin who always looked too orange and sheโ€™s pretty light in color. Does anyone know where her right hand rings are from??

  8. This is the video that made me realize I have a neutral undertone and not cool – I too have a face that is darker than my body and mine is so red. I always wondered why even with foundation my face looked like it didn't match my body. This video was so helpful for me and now my face actually looks like it matches me in pictures lol.

  9. When I first started wearing makeup, I went to a Lancome counter to have my foundation shade matched. I was a teenager in college so this was a huge splurge for me, but I didn't want to look like a fool, and I grew up as the only female in a household of males and had never before been allowed to wear makeup so I had a huge learning curve. I got to my dorm all excited to try my first foundation and the crazy lady had matched the foundation to my freckles. The color she picked out had to have been like 5 shades too dark for me. I opened it up, stared at it in shock, closed it back up and and immediately returned it. I went to CVS pharmacy, got the girl working there to help me and got a foundation that matched me perfectly for 1/4th the price of the Lancome. So much for thinking more expensive is better. Anyways, just a fun story of my first foundation shopping experience, thought I'd share. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The comparison to an oil painter mixing paints is probably the first time I've heard something that made me feel like I could get the hang of foundation matching. I've mixed paints before, but I've never really felt like I knew my foundation shade. I've gotten conflicting estimates of what I was as far as undertones and shade, and this kind of makes me want to give it a go in daylight by myself when I can try some different ones.

  11. Finding the right foundation shade has always been a nightmare for me. I still (10 + years of wearing makeup!) haven't found a single one that actually matches my skin, so I have just given up and stopped wearing foundation all together.

    I think I have what people refer to as pale olive skin. It doesn't have a lot of red in it, only a little bit in my face. But it's not very yellow either. I feel that skintones with a lot of yellow often have that beautiful golden glow naturally. I don't have that at all. My skin looks kind of ashy and a little green. Sounds horrible but oh well.

    The closest color I have found is the Bourjois healthy mix serum in the shade "vanilla". It's a somewhat ok match, but when I look at myself wearing it in daylight I can see that it's too yellow for me. The green and almost blue tones in my neck become more visible because of the contrast (I don't wear foundation on my neck). But if I get foundations from any neutral category they are always too pink/peach on me, and I get that lovely mask/ oompa loompa look. So I feel like I need a foundation with more blue or green tones, but I find that cool toned foundations are always very pink. If anyone has a similar skintone as me and has found something that works, please share! <3 I don't care if it's drugstore or high end. But I have dry skin and prefer a light coverage/ BB creams/ tinted moisturizers.

    If anyone actually read all of this, thanks!! <3

  12. I actually found my perfect shade from my graveyard just by mixing the colours, they were all so close so I took one a tiny bit lighter and one a tiny bit darker and bamn, my perfect shade was born ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. For me I find it confusing because I tan so easily. My face is the darkest part of my body then my neck is a bit lighter and my arms are tanned too but lighter. my chest and legs are my natural light skin color. So which color should I go for?

  14. Hi Lisa and everybody!
    I have seen this video along with the foundation course you did and I still need help.
    My face, arms, and hands are about 2 – 3 shades darker than my neck, chest, and shoulders. I have a yellow undertone in my body and a very neutral face. I do not like to tan and I live in a climate that is dry and hot (desert). Any tips? Thank you in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hello Lisa, I enjoy your videos a lot, you give a lot of intelligent insights. I'm a male that 'suffers' (well..) from rosacea/eczema. I have a perfect skin all over my body, except unfortunately, for my face, which looks like a war zone. So I've been looking into cosmetics a bit and I struggle to find a foundation matching my skin tone. As I'm an 'art-painter' I'm used to mix colors so mixing foundations seems to me, could work in the same manner. Only we would need a basic palette of colors (white/black/yellow/red/blue/green) that could be mixed to perfectly match any color you want. Do you know if a product like that is available?

  16. Perfect advice Lisa. Thank you!
    I ve heard some of the tips already but i find the biggest problem is the light in stores. They are never the same like in daylight. I find it so hard to see what colour my skin is or the foundation.

  17. Thank you Lisa, this has been so helpful. I have learnt so much from you .. from skin care to make up. I now found the right type of foundation for myself. You are the best. Lots of love x

  18. What an International key opinion leader/teacher. Extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the Integumentary system. So knowledgeable about the physiology and biological issues, colour, textures,pigmentation, concealing, and how everything ties into one when dealing with the Humans largest organ…. the skin. Thank you Lisa Eldridge! You are a Beautiful, Wonderful and Intelligent Woman and Mentor!! Thank you so very much…Sincerely, Susan

  19. what would you recommend if you have multiple shades?for example my face is darker than my chest but lighter than my neck. My neck is darker than my face and neck, and my chest is the lightest part of my body, which lighter than my shoulders (my shoulders match closer to my face. What would you recommend to have everything blend?


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