Finding Treasures For Suzie’s Nail Studio


Suzie is on the hunt for original items to accent her new nail studio.

0:14 One of Suzie’s favorite local shops
0:31 Looking for Treasures
0:43 Beautiful Gate
1:06 Suzie finds what she’s looking for: A Singer Sewing Machine Table
1:33 Suzie barters for the table
2:02 Suzie gets a bit of a workout

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  1. Oh I live in Victoria! I've never had acrylics before but I love the look of them. If I ever decide to get them I'm definitely coming to you. Maybe I'll send a few friends your way in the mean time.

  2. Congratulations! i wanted to ask you if there is a difference with doing the gel nails, acrylic nails? is it best to do gel itself or acrylic gel nails? Also, i would like to know where it would be a great place to purchase what i need to do my own nails.. i decided to give it a try on doing my own nails.. please let me know i just subscribed and i love your knowledgeable videos thank you!

  3. hey there 
    im following a makeup course right now to become a professional makeup artist 
    and im starting with manicure , i wanted to know more about it until i found your channel 
    i love all your nail work 
    seriously when i open my own saloon 
    i'll definitely promote your work in my country 😀


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