Fix Short Bitten Nails with Full Cover Gel Tips


Suzie demonstrates the advantages of using Full Cover Gel Tips to transform short bitten nails into beautiful Gel nails.

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  1. Is nail glue bad for your nails? I'm a biter and I can't afford to get gel nails (nobody does acrylic out here 🙁 ) And I hate painting short nails, so falsies help keep my nails away from my teeth.

    Also, would you ever consider coming to Manitoba and doing our nails over here. I need someone like you out here <3

  2. i was wondering about whether or not uve ever had nail accidents while doing clients (mainly when i see the drill and the long nails together)

    when i had long (natural) nails, i used to bang them on things (like walls when going to sleep) and it would bend the middle part of my nailbed (where the stress point is) to the point that im pretty sure it got bruised

  3. Hey Suzie. I have a question about doing at home nails for prom. Last year I did quick press ons that came off within an hour of the dance starting. Would I be able to use those plastic normally glue/ press on full nail, and use builder's gel to put then like kind of like the 123 go concept? I have very thin flexible natural nails that I cant keep polish on them so need some sort of thing under it. Dip and acrylic normally cracks off.

  4. Question
    If I'm painting my nails with polish and I put a clear coat but I try to make it look like gel so I put a big blob on it and it makes bubbles what can I do to not get bubbles but still have it look like I want it to

  5. THANK YOU for showing that even a very well educated and seasoned professional can have "oops" moments. You can't be perfect all of the time and it is perfectly OK, learn and move on 🙂

  6. Suzie, I love watching all your videos! You have given me so many ideas that I then take to my nail tech ( who is the best one I have had in almost 25 years of acrylic nail).My question is this I have overlays done and want to maintain them during this time of shutdown here in Kentucky What do you suggest? Deanna

  7. What does it look like underneath? I've done this but it was so painful. I think it's because my nails have a greater curve side to side to and front to back. I had to take them off because I felt they were going to pull off when I picked something off. Are these just a no-no for curvy nails?

  8. Hi Suzie, you mentioned in this video about using monomer and how it can cause adverse effects. When I did my training I modelled for another student and now I have contact dermatitis. So finding products that I can wear is quite hard, if you could mention if products are Hema free that would be fantastic. Incidentally I have learnt to sculpt with dip powers.
    Love your channel and you


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