Frosted Acrylic Over Glitter


Suzie sculpts beautiful White Acrylic Frosted Stilettos – and compares two techniques that create a similar look.
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Products Featured in this video:
Snow Cone Glitter by Kiara Sky

High Tech Form by Magnetic
*for professionals only:
Magnetic Nail Design North America

Magnetic UK

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05:47 Tidal Flow by Yonder Dale
08:32 Fiberman by Keppel Skies
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18:17 Leave Me Breathless by Zyke
20:09 Obsidian by Amaranth Cove
21:08 Malin’s Song by Sum Wave

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  1. Only halfway through the video, but I am wondering if it would have been easier to simply clear cap the glitter and use gel polish to achieve the white fade?

  2. I went to a nail tech one time and he kept like holding my hand weird (he was literally holding my hand like we were dating with one hand and doing the nails with another and it was freaking me out) and and it was making me uncomfortable so of course I was tensed up. This dude hit my hand with his nail file multiple times instead of just saying relax

  3. my hands shake a lot when I try to paint my nails and every time I get my cuticle and fingers and sometimes I use blue fingernail polish and end up staining my hands blue is there any thing I can do to prevent that from happening ♥︎:)

  4. "it takes time"… Yeah.. Been battling with myself because my boss told me that I had several clients come in the week I was sick with the flu because I didn't do their dip sets correctly.. It's been hard even getting out of bed because I feel like a failure and that I should stop.. But I really enjoy what I do and I want to continue… How did you handle criticisms and learning curves when you first started doing nails?

  5. I am a massage therapist and we also have the problem of people tensing up when you try to move their limbs around therapeutically. I often ask people to "let your elbow be heavy" — and this works a lot better than telling them to relax. Some people almost can't help it at all, though.


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