Gel Inlay with Real Flowers


Suzie creates a spectacular Gel Inlay with real flowers, and golden beads.

Pressed Dried Flowers Design Water Slide Nail Decals

Products featured in this video:

UGLY DUCKLING Nail Prep & Primer
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UGLY DUCKLING Premium Clear Nail Forms

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Jessica Phenom Geisha Girl

Reusable Pressed Dried Flowers Press-On Nails

Glow LED Nail Dryer by Vanity Planet
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Have Fun!

80 Disney Princess Nail Decals

Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag:
“# nailcareereducation”



  1. I really miss this style of her videos, with the calmer, quieter background music and quieter talking with some whispering. They were so relaxing and even helped me fall asleep. I don't have an interest in nails, I just watched because of Suzie. The newer videos which I've now stopped watching have great editing techniques but they're so loud, energetic, have a lot of fast jump cuts and flashing images, and unlike in older videos there's a lot of time where the only audio is loud music, then when Suzie starts talking again it's much quieter, so I keep having to change the volume

  2. So.. I just came across your inlaying(?) flowers videos and I gotta say I loved them! I'm not a fan of acrylic (or gel) nails myself but wow these two videos were so satisfying! Watching the whole procces of it.. and also hearing you talk! I love your voice!!
    Good work~ I'm gonna check your channel


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