Gel vs Polish


Suzie breaks down the differences between using Nail Polish or Gel Polish, including ease of application and removal.

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Take 2 Matching Gel and Lacquer Set – Bio Seaweed Gel
#42 Passion

1 Second Spray Away – Nail Aid

Joya Mia INSYNC® Matching Gel and Lacquer Set

Shine E Gel Top – Exclusive Nail Couture

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  1. Hi, sorry if this question has probably been asked before but I'm wondering if after a week of applying gel polish, do your nails change color? Will the color stain your own nails or turn them yellow? Also, how many layers of gel polish is safe to use if I want a thick protectant coating to make my nails stronger so they don't break or chip easily?

  2. I do fifteen minutes soaking my nails in the acetone and I have to scrape them off. Why doesn't it just come right off? I buff beforehand. Could it be the brand? I'm using Gelish top, base and polish.

  3. I love the way polish bonds more closely to the nail, creating a look more like the color is natural. Gel always looks like a layer of lacquer to me. So visually there's a difference if you ask me. That said, I'm addicted to how long gel stays shiny and chip free.

  4. I recently had my first manicure, my neice took me for a girls day out. It was 3 of us and I was the last one to he seated and the 1st one done. It is day 3 and my nails are already peeling and were lumpy from the beginning. My neice on the other hand has all her gel polish nicely in place and she works retail. I am currently disabled (recovering from open heart surgery) and can barely do anything. My neice wanted me to get out and have a good time. Since going to get nails done I've only washed dishes once, and swept my house and mopped with my swiffer sweeper. Which took a few hours because I have to stop and take breaks. I was very disappointed to see that my nails were not lasting and made me consider not going again and just doing them at home. So this video was very helpful thank you.

  5. so like for acrylic nails I know you have to put like a fake nail on, but when you put gel on top of it, it's like jelly. I'm kinda confused with like the gel polish and like the jelly polish where you have to dip it in something then powder. idk I'm just asking, don't make fun of me cause I dont really get nail polish lol

  6. I've never had my nails done before…., but I think I want to try gel on some longer nails….I'm not really sure what to ask for or expect at a nail salon loll D:
    this video helps a bit, ty <3

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  8. Does gel nail polish with the lamp make your nail super hard? My nail are very soft basically like a stiff piece of paper lol and I am wondering it gel polish would stay on my nails and make them hard?

  9. Hi Suzi! I am new to your channel. I've been binge watching your videos for several days now. I notice that you tend to do more videos on artificial nails than on natural nails. I have always had long, natural nails, and I have a question for you. Which product do you recommend for natural nails–nail polish or gel polish? When I go for a natural manicure, I like gel polish, but sometimes, the tech uses an efile to remove it. Unfortunately, this causes divets in my natural nails, and it looks funky until my nail grows out. Could you please do more videos on painting natural nails? I need help! Thanks for sharing your videos! Take care and God bless! Hugggggs!

  10. Ma'am wonderful tutorial..and your way of talking is sooo soft spoken totally love with your tutorial and wish to shape my nails like your nails it looks so pretty❤

  11. Suzie, thank you for the detailed explanation. You always have the most beautiful nails! Can you please tell me which little lamp you are using in this video? Or maybe another one that is small and portable? Thank you!

  12. I didn’t know, that it was Suzie’s natural long nail, i thought it was a tip!
    It looks perfect, i wish my nails we’re that long – But they always end up breaking.. 🙁 <3

  13. When I get my gel polish taken off, they use the drill on me. Burns like hell. ( I have very weak nails ) is there another way this can be done? It’s so painful. Most nail salons around me do that.


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