Geode Nails – Filing Experiments


Suzie experiments with filing techniques to create Geode Nails, and abstract Geode Designs.

Products featured in this video:

Gel Polish – Exclusive Nail Couture
white 001, black 002, blue 163, green 164, coral 019, sparkle 070

The ShineE Gel Top Coat

Kupa ManiPro Passport E-file


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  1. Suzie I'm sorry to be a pain again, but I have asked & yes, less you, you did reply, but I've now lost that reply, anyway these are the exact glasses this English idiot has been asking you about, Suzie I've just got to have them, they look so gorgeous on you & I'm hoping with your help in telling ''exactly'' where I can get them, I'll look gorgeous as well, but hey ho your young & pretty & I'm 75yrs old, but ever hopeful I'll look good. Suzie I'm not in anyway at all a  '' tech-y ''  so please, if you do answer, please put your reply as though you were talking to an illiterate moron (which of course you are) lol. Please reply (again) because I cant tell you how much I'd like a pair of these. Love and thanks from across the pond Xv

  2. Oh wow! Cameraman bashing this design!!!! I really liked it a lot actually especially the middle and pinkie one. To me it looks mostly like a thermo-camera kind of thing where it doesn´t have glitter. Also I really watch these for aesthetic purposes and mainly to listen to Suzie being pleasant and artsy with nails for 10 minutes straight SO who cares if it´s a design to keep or no, it was fun.

  3. OHHH! I have an idea!
    I bet somebody knows these chabby chick glasses, the ones that have like, structures and writings on them and you paint them with matte/chalk paint and then you lightly sandpaper them so that the glass peeks through the paint?
    I think that could be interesting, especially if you actually do it with textures on top like the braids from your sweater video, but with a clear nail underneath.

  4. Unfortunately I have to wait 24 days for my gel polish and light to come in (I was cheap and ordered online ) However I discovered this amazing top coat called SecheVite and it dried my regular polish so quick I think you should give it a shot ! You have alot of tools but it would be nice to see a video to show how you dont have to have gel tools to make a beautiful manicure 🙂


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