Get Unready With Me! Nighttime Skincare Routine with Model Emily DiDonato


Nighttime routine with model Emily DiDonato!

These are my favorite products to help remove makeup, restore and rehydrate my skin after a long day. If you have any questions or comments, write them below and I will try to get back to you with answers! 🙂

Emily DiDonato Products:

Oil Cleanser DHC:

Dr. Dennis Gross Cleanser:

Shampoo + conditioner:

Facial Oil:



Castor Oil:

Lip Balm:

Emily DiDonato



  1. Hi Emily, I have been using castor oil every other night and have seen success with both my eyebrows and eyelashes. My brows and lashes have definitely gotten thicker. I recommend! Sending lots of love <3

  2. I can't believe you do all of that BEFORE you take your contacts out! I have to take mine out before, especially with any oils around my eyes. Also for the castor oil – it works well at thickening and darkening hairs, but unfortunately I had to quit it because it seeps into my eyes and causes blurry vision and irritation. As a contact wearer, you've been warned.
    Thanks for the video! You seem so down to earth and lovely 🙂

  3. Ys castor oil good for hair growth , but also u can use vaseline, use it every night, and boom! In 2 weeks my brows just fluffy but itsnt do anything wt the colour they're still the same not getting bolder.

  4. I did try the castor oil and while I believe the accounts from people who say theirs grew back, mine broke off–it was really strange–when I woke up each time it looked like someone had cut them! I am going to try that shampoo and the Biotherm products! I too have sensitive skin.

  5. If you never had eyebrow hair follicles in the places in which you want to grow.. it wont really grow.. BUT I have very thin eyebrow hairs, and i over plucked them when i was younger… All my hairs grew back just with time, and NOT plucking your eyebrows.. at all. At least a few months Emily 🙂

  6. you should look into LashFood's Eyebrow Serum, they've had really great test results and the reviews are pretty incredible. I have the same patch problem on the outer sides of my eyebrows and i've been told the one product is amazing for that.

  7. I used castor oil on my eyebrows and within 2 weeks they were overgrown and so much thicker. I don’t use it anymore because it makes the hairs grow back to quick.

    I’ve started using more oils on my face and my skin is gradually getting better!

  8. Emily, castor oil works, its more effective to use mascara brush ( used and cleaned) for putting oil on your eyebrows, also, do some massaging using the same mascara brush in circle moves for better results. Love your videos!

  9. Obsessed with your videos. Such a nice change from full glam pancake makeup (which of course is still fun to watch). When your makeup video came up in my Instagram search section I was so thrilled and have even changed my daily makeup routine with using your tips. I feel my makeup looks way more natural… I have been using the fingertip application process for foundation and pressing it in. Works way better for my mature, 40 year old skin! Thanks! So happy to have found you! Keep it coming pleeeeease!!!!


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