Hair Care Routine | Growing Out Damaged Hair


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Time Stamps:
0:58 Hair History
4:19 Bleach + Olaplex
5:28 Keratin Treatment
6:41 Hair Care Products
8:44 Supplements
12:09 Styling
13:23 Extensions

Products Mentioned:
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Liquid Keratin Conditioner –
Kerastase Extentioniste Shampoo –
Kerastase Extentioniste Conditioner –
Kerastase Extentioniste Mask –
Fanola No Yellow Shampoo –
Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo –
Shu Uemera Nourishing Protective Oil – (bottle looks different since this was a limited Mario collection)
Hair Skin + Nail Gummies –
Viviscal Hair Growth Pills –
Estrosmart –
Maca Plus –
Adrenasense –



  1. Great video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried – Millawdon Goodbye Gray Trick (just google it)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning how to reverse gray hair fast without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my GF at last got excellent results with it.

  2. I can totally relate to you! I started seeing an endocrinologist in between having my kids and found out my hormone levels were off. I was having all the same issues you talked about. I feel like my hair started changing in my 20’s then after I had kids it got even worse! He has me on medication but I don’t feel like it’s working! I recently saw that viviscal and nutrafol are suppose to help! I watched a video from a medical dr that specializes in women’s hair loss! I found both on amazon as well! Good luck on your hair journey!

  3. hairband and cutting your hair every 6 weeks ( no heat ever) I air dry …. just the ends about 1/2 centimeter and every 4 month one inch color I am doing every 3 month. Use organic shampoos and boost your body with high end organic juicing every day and lots of fruits. Your hair will grow like crazy and get thick and strong, but it is mostly all about nutrition. There is a brand of Vitamin from "E3Live Renew Me" with lots of minerals and i swear on this one my hair grew in 3 years all the way to my butt and it was short as a a boys cute, yeah. your hair does look very thin you are having Mineral deficiency. Ends are broken cut off as much as you can, thats why you should cut ever 6 weeks so your hair grows healthy. Detoxing your body helps enormes as well. Adrenals have a lot to do with your hair and specialy your hormones but to much to explain, do your research endocrine glands. or look up Dr. Robert Morse on youtube. Good luck

  4. "Cut off your ends! " I've heard that as well and never going to fall for that again lol
    Even with hair loss, after u cut your hair it does nothing to your hair loss it just looks like less hair fall because the hair strands r shorter.

  5. Bleaching your hair is the worst thing. I once had the "brilliant idea" of going blonde. Let me tell you that I had to dye my har black in order for it to look somewhat healthy. I dont think I will ever dye my hair light ever again! xoxo

  6. I had the same length and bleached my hair so much about 2 years ago – I started doing aloe vera treatments with castor oil once a week and used the Marc Anthony Grow Long shampoo and mask every time I washed my hair (only twice a week) – HOLY GRAIL! Please try it, you won't regret it. You'll see a huge difference in the speed of your hair growth.

  7. I blonde highlight my hair as well and it is long and in good condition. I highly recommend a few things. Put coconut oil on the ends quite a bit, night before you wash. I also use it on my body and use whats left from my hands on my hair every time. Try not to wash your hair very often. I use a very wide tooth comb to comb thr0ugh my conditioner. Also only cut it when you really really absolutely need it. My desert island product though is phyto9 leave in conditioner. Omg. Its amazing.

  8. I agree with the previous comment. It is great to minimize washing the hair, but it is counteractive when the scalp is full of buildup… if you just start the apple cider vinegar rinse once a month…half water half acv (that's what I do) this will get rid of that dandruff, I assure you. While the acv rinse is on your scalp and running down your strands, apply a very nourishing mask (I love sunbums hair mask) to the bottom half of your hair and let these sit while you finish showering once ready to get out rinse hair with cool water. I really hope that helps, it has worked for me bigtime.

  9. Keratin tratament and brazilian blow out aren’t treatments , the’re a bunch of chemicals put together and what they do : they make some sort of cape around your hair, so your actual hair is under this cape and that’s not good because : 1 you hair can’t get the nutrients ; 2 those chemicals are really agresive and even though it says that does not have formoldehyde when is heat it up , some components became formoldehyde , otherwise woulnd’t made your hair straight , it’s just like a make up. I don’t know how your hair still good because bleaching and those process are oposites chemically saying , one is too acid and other too alkaline , they together can end a hair .( I’m brazilian , we invented those things , and i used for a long time , belive in what i’m saying )

  10. I love the Hair Skin and Nails gummies but I honestly see no difference in my hair only in my nails. My nails grow so fast and are super strong now. My hair stops growing when it's a little past my shoulders and I hate it so much. I've never used bleach before but I do color my hair often. It's just frustrating because I have thick hair but it doesn't get any longer just bigger lol.

  11. I can relate sooooooo much! And I'm so angry when people are trying to help me by saying "Girl stop putting things in your hair (even organic and healthy conditioner etc) that's the reason they're damaged, look at mine i don't put anything in it and they're shiny and healthy" they don't understand that they are lucky and that mine suck and would probably much more damaged if I put nothing to repair them! Thank you so much for your tips, kisses from France <3

  12. Girlllll. I'm obsessed with hair growth/healthy hair. Here is everything I do. 1. No heat or dye. 2. Inversion Method! My hair grows 1+ inches a month doing this. Research it! 3. OILS. Ditch the Keratin and Olaplex…just use oils 1-2 times a week overnight. 4. Limit washing to once a week if possible. 5. Use natural shampoos that don't have water as the first ingredient. I love Maple Holistics and Maui Moisture. 6. Instead of regular conditioner, I use a mask/deep conditioner called Virgin Hair Fertilizer by The Roots Naturelle. 7. Air Dry! And, try to just use your fingers to gently detangle when it is wet vs. using a comb or brush. 8. Put hair in a bun or braids at night and use a silk pillowcase. 9. Brush before washing. 10. Healthy diet, Fish Oil supplements, SugarBear Hair gummies, and a multivitamin. 11. Tons of water, exercise, and sleep! 🙂

  13. I’d recommend to stop using silicones and sulfates because sulfates strip your hair of oils, making it dry of course. Silicones coat every hair strand and water/moisture can’t pass through silicone, making your hair dry and because of this frizzy. But if you do decide to do this, to get rid of any buildup, you should do an Apple cider vinaigrette rinse or use a natural clarifying shampoo. I only use natural shampoo and conditioner (I recommend shea moisture) to without silicones and sulfates, it’s working great for me. Also if you do decide to do this in the future, just know since your hair is so damaged it will feel more damaged after you stop using silicones and sulfates just because the silicones basically covered the damage. But after a while your hair should grow healthier and feel better. Also use oils in our hair that are 100% organic/natural I recommend Argan oil because it’s a light oil which is good for thinner hair. 🙂 hopefully this helps. Another quick thing I recommend watching the youtubers ‘longhairproblemsxo’ and ‘holistichabits’ (just a note if you do decide to try this i can promise it will work but i have thinned hair and I’ve been doing this and it’s so great)

  14. I use to be platinum blonde for years it started eating up my hair so I went cold Turkey and dyed it brown and haven't colored it for 14 months already also chopped it off to a Bob it's still a Bob cause I'm trying to get it one length I feel like going to a salon and dying it but I promised myself to not dye it for 2 years my favorite product so far is the redken extreme line also living proof hair mask

  15. just let your hair grow use shampoo & con less heat air dry & no dyes thats what i did afta the bleaching in early 2010 & its taken me 5 yrs for my hair to go bk to normal afta trying everything i jst let it grow & no hair cuts its improved alot more then wat it use to be 🙂

  16. You need to stop using heat. It is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair besides bleach.
    Also use a wooden brush to brush out your hair and use all natural oils as treatments every week before washing your hair – like coconut oil. Also you need to do damage free hairstyles especially when you sleep. If you don’t already use a microfiber or cotton towel to dry your hair then get one. If your ends get split or they have breakage then get a cut. Most of all ditch all heat! It will make a massive change.


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